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Flashback: Review of Amazing Spider-Man 222 (November 1981) August 4, 2008

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I’m going to try to not make today’s review short, but it’ll be hard, seeing as how there is not much to say about Amazing Spider-Man 222. It feels a lot like (and probably was) just a filler issue. It opens with Spider-Man stopping a mink fur heist by a normal band of burglars. From here it moves to introducing Speed Demon (his first appearance under that name, but before he was called “The Whizzer.” Yeah, the name change was a very good thing.) He is just another “Flash” rip-off, only this time a villain. (Seriously, how many supertypes that can only run really fast can there be? That has got to be one of the most generic superpowers.)

Anyway, Speed Demon burgles a camera store and Spider-Man, whose heightened reflexes are still too slow, is unable to stop him. Later, when he tries to rob Bloomingdales, Spider-Man is more prepared and after an extended fight scene, is able to capture him. Add in a scene or two at the Daily Bugle with JJJ, and this was really a very generic story all around.

I would have neutral feelings about this issue if not for one thing: the humor. I realize that pun-filled quips whilst fighting are simply part of Spider-Man’s persona, and when done right, they can provide for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable issue. This was certainly not the case here. While I am a sucker for pun jokes, the puns here were all bad. They even went so far as to use the overly-clichéd “Have a nice trip, see you in the fall.” *Groan* I think my nephew can come up with better puns than what were used here. Amazing Spider-Man 222 is completely unremarkable and unimportant, and there is absolutely no reason to seek it out.

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