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Casual Saturdays: Letter to Marvel Concerning Amazing Spider-Man Family 1 August 16, 2008

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The following was an email I sent to Marvel earlier this week about Amazing Spider-Man Family #1. Since it is sort of a review, I thought I’d put it up here.

Dear Spidey Office:

I just finished reading Amazing Spider-Man Family #1, and it was definitely worth the $5 cover price.

“48 Hours” surprised me as easily the best tale in the issue. I have read many stories attempting to chronicle the early start of Spider-Man, and this was probably the best one yet (except for Stan and Steve’s original, of course!)

The story concerning Spider-Monkey, on the other hand, was just plain ridiculous. I felt embarrassed just to have read it when I finished, luckily it was very short. I wasn’t intending to buy Marvel Apes, but now I know I’m not even going to go near it.

Mr. and Mrs. Spider-Man was the only reason I picked up this issue, and I will admit that I was very pleased. The story had all the elements I wanted it to, and was still an entertaining Spider-Man tale. Indeed, I was planning on reading this ongoing series entirely for this feature, imagine my disdain when I read your closing page and found this was only a one-time deal! I don’t want to read Spider-Girl, because it doesn’t star Peter Parker. Is it too much to ask for a regular story starring Peter as Spider-Man, with Mary Jane as his wife? Please, PLEASE, make this feature a regular ASAP. I may or may not continue reading this series, but if you bring Mr. and Mrs. Spider-Man back, I’ll read every issue!

“Birthday Girl” was fairly entertaining and provided a nice look at a supporting character (this time, Aunt May) and I wouldn’t mind more stories like this.

Finally, the Venom reprint was exactly what a reprint should be. I’ve found that reprints often only have a little to do with the story they are associated with. But the origin of Venom looks to be very relevant in the upcoming New Ways to Die! Keep up the good work! (Though I’d really appreciate if you’d reprint issues that aren’t from Amazing Spider-Man, since I’ve read every issue – yes, all of them – but I’ve read next to nothing of Spectacular or Web of).

I realize this is a long letter to be marked “Okay to Print,” so if you do print it, feel free to cut out portions that you think are unnecessary (just leave in my request for more Mr. and Mrs.!) One final note, I notice on your closing page you said, “Seeya in November!” but the next issue of Family comes out in October. Surely you meant you’d see us in November, when some great issues of regular Amazing Spider-Man come out, right? (Do I get a No-Prize now? 😉 )

-M. Staples aka LOTRKing
P.S. If you print this, it would be insanely awesome if you include the address for my comic book review blog: http://LOTRKing.wordpress.com