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My Rating System

This is how I assign starred ratings to my reviews:

5 stars: One of the best comics ever written. You MUST read it. (Ergo, this will be a pretty rare rating). (Example issue: Silver Surfer: Requiem #4).

4.5 stars: Insanely good issue, it would be a crime not to read it.

4 stars: A very good issue, definitely worth reading, but not quite “insanely good.”

3.5 stars: A good issue, very likely one that is worth reading.

3 stars: An OK issue, probably worth reading, but definitely nothing spectacular.

2.5 stars: A “mehh” issue, may not be worth reading unless it is part of an important storyarc.

2 stars: Not that good of an issue, probably not worth buying, maybe just read it, and put it back on the shelves.

1.5 stars: It sucked, don’t buy it, read it only if you have to.

1 stars: DO NOT BUY IT. Reading it is also highly discouraged.

0.5 stars: Approaching the absolute drudgery of comics, reading may cause a massive loss of brain cells.

0 stars: One of the worst comics ever written, the reading of which may or may not cause permanent brain damage. Avoid this issue like the plague. (Ergo, this will also be a pretty rare rating). (Example issue: Amazing Spider-Man 545).




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