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Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve only ever been asked one of these questions before, and it wasn’t even here. But I thought that these questions might come up, so this is a preemptive FAQ. If you have any questions that you think should be added, please email me.

Your reviews are insanely awesome! Where can I read more?

Why, thank you for the compliment. 😉 I also review comics at Weekly Comic Book Review.

Why is your name LOTRKing when you never seem to talk about Lord of the Rings? Why not something like “ComicsKing”?

Well, this is a bit of a long story, but my name can be traced back to when I started listening to internet radio. I originally listened to radio stations on Live365 which required a user name. Being an insanely huge fan of both the Lord of the Rings books and movies (and soundtracks too!), “LOTRKing” seemed as good a name as any. Shortly thereafter, I found SST, the best website in existence, imo. (Sorry wordpress and Marvel.com). Use of the features on this site also required a username, and seeing as how it was another net radio site, LOTRKing seemed to be a good name to reuse. Well, I became such a regular visitor of the chat and forums there, LOTRKing has become a second name to me, ergo, oftentimes if you see a “LOTRKing” on the net, it is probably me. (But not always! Do NOT assume every “LOTRKing” you see is me!) As to why I rarely actually talk about LOTR, it is because there are only so many times one can say how awesome it is. 😉 Do not give up hope though, notice the “Other Random Stuff” part of my blog title, a post about LOTR may pop up occasionally. 😉

How do I know if a “LOTRKing” I see somewhere is you?

I have a username of “LOTRKing” at the following websites:
Any other “LOTRKing”s you see are NOT me.

So do you know everything about Lord of the Rings?

I definitely wouldn’t say that. But I am a huge fan of the books, movies, and music, and I DO know a lot about all three. Definitely more than your average fan. That said, there still are plenty of people who are bigger fans than I am, and know much more than I do. So no, I don’t speak Sindarin or Quenya, and no, I can’t quote any specific song from the story, and no, I can’t tell you the name of that one random Ranger who helped Aragorn, etc, etc.

Why do you read only Marvel Comics?

Truth be told, I’m fairly new to comics, I’ve only been reading since May of 2007. So I’m really just discovering what the world of comics has to offer, and at the moment, the only comics that appeal to me are some of the ones that Marvel has to offer. Also, I’m spending pretty much all that I can afford to spend on comics as it is, so anything new that I pick up would probably be at the sacrifice of something else. I may eventually pick up other Marvel titles, and maybe some non-Marvel titles, but only time (and an increase of money) will tell.

But [insert random comic here] is the best series ever! Won’t you at least try it?

Only if you’ll pay for it. 😉

Why can’t I curse or mention questionable material in my comments on your blog? What happened to free speech?

One, as I’ve stated here I want to keep this a family-friendly blog. Two, free speech only means that the government can’t restrict what you say. Once you get involved in something that is not owned by the government, you can’t use that excuse. Don’t believe me? Go read the Bill of Rights.

Aside from leaving comments on your posts, how can I contact you?

Email me: email.LOTRKing@gmail.com (NOT LOTRKing@gmail.com, that is NOT me).
Quick rules for emailing me:
1. Gmail has insanely good spam blocker, don’t even try.
2. If you are going to email me, please make a VERY SPECIFIC subject line. If the subject is something like “hello” I probably won’t even read it.
3. Same rules apply to emailing me as posting a comment.
4. If I get what I consider an offensive email from you, I will block all further emails from you. NO EXCEPTIONS.
5. I will respond to all emails that I read within a few days. If I don’t respond, I didn’t read it. Why? Likely because it broke one of the above rules. If you think it has been a long time, and I still haven’t responded, and you don’t think you broke one of the above rules, try sending it again.



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