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Review of Cartographer by E.S. Posthumus (5 stars) March 20, 2008

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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

That’s right, I’m actually reviewing something other than a comic, and based on my rating, you can probably see why. For anyone not familiar with E.S. Posthumus, please read their Wikipedia article. (I was going to give a brief history of them, but then realized I would be saying almost everything that Wikipedia says.) Now, on to the review:

E.S. Posthumus has worked their magic once again with their second album; Cartographer is definitely superior to its predecessor (which was still genius of course). Cartographer is a 2 CD collection with each CD being unique and being able to stand alone as a single album, yet at the same time, each CD is a good reflection of the other. The first CD, while quite different from Unearthed (their first album), is a unique blend of many different ethnic orchestral sounds, with lyrics sung by the beautiful (both in appearance and sound) Luna Sans. The lyrics were written by the Vonlichten brothers (the founders of E.S. Posthumus) in a Latin-derivative language that they created especially for this album. In order, these songs tell the story of the inhabitants of the island of Numa, a fictional ancient civilization, their rise as a civilization, their exploration of the world, and their eventual fall. Listening to this CD, it is hard not to be swept away in the spirit of exploration, and to see what they may have seen. It is truly beautiful music.

The second CD is much more akin to Unearthed, and is a remix of every song on the first CD, along with two bonus tracks. It follows the same cinematic orchestral tone of Unearthed, but at the same time it creates its own new tone. It would likely be easy to tell the difference between an Unearthed song and a Cartographer song. Cartographer “Peri Reis Remixes” makes use of a grand choir with almost every track, and does not have any of Luna Sans vocals. To me, this CD seems another adaptation of the story of Numa, even if it is in a different order, and while it may sound very different from the first CD, the same spirit of exploration, hope, and adventure is present. Together, these two CDs form one of the greatest albums that I have listened to, and one that has quickly become one of my favorites. My favorite songs from this album include: Oraanu, Mosane, and Marunae (along with their remixes). This album is worth every penny, and is definitely a great buy. It can be purchased at CD Baby. Music samples are available at the Cartographer website. This is an album that definitely deserves looking into!

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Twopop’s Moving Speech April 18, 2007

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Twopop gave an awesome speech in the SST chat today, here is the transcript:

“You probably noticed that the meter was raised to $1000 this month. Many of you have been so very generous… but Jeric needs a lot more help… lots of little ones add up
“You have no idea how much tinkering JERIC does behind the scenes to keep us running
“And now that he has been unmasked in NYC, you know he’s a guy in his early thirties with a wife, 2 little kids, 6 cats, and a mortage, and a 9-5 just like most of us
“All he wanted to do was listen to his CD collection while at work… put it on the internet.. and the rest is history. We are now a family… almost a small country ;D
“But JERIC has been fighting to keep us afloat for months – years even.
“Dipping into his own pocket to keep us happy.
“I am not trying to put a guilt trip on anyone… not at all. I’m asking you to help spread the word and facts of the situation.
“Most of us are paycheck-to-paycheck people… lots of obligations. Or tuition to pay. Or in between jobs. You and your family come first!
“But if you can go to a movie or buy a CD or even a Starbucks, maybe foregoing that and sending it to Jeric would make a big difference.
“Oh man… sorry to vent… I love you guys and I don’t want to lose you
“If we can’t meet here every day, it will be like a death
“It’s just us and Jeric together to buy the parts for the server.
“So as big as that da** royalty cloud is, we won’t make it without a newer server either 😦
“ok I will climb down off the soapbox and give you all a hug – because I know you understand and care.
“You guys are the most wonderful ppl in the world!! I hope the next gathering has 300 of you!!”

Thanks Twopop! I feel a bit guilty saying this, after only being able to donate $10, but let’s all reach into our pockets and donate something, even if it is just a little bit! To donate, click here!



EPIC Tuesday (04/10/07) April 10, 2007

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Yes SSTers, it’s time for another EPIC Music Day! What is EPIC Music? Take a look a the post below (I know, I know, I haven’t updated this blog in a while, but with semester ending soon, you can expect more entries) it should explain what EPIC Music is. However, I can now provide better examples of EPIC Music besides that trailer. To hear some samples of what EPIC Music sounds like click here, here, or here. (SPOILER WARNING: DON’T watch the last one if you haven’t seen LOTR3!) Just in case anyone is wondering, the music from the first link can be found on the Plunkett & Macleane Soundtrack, the track is called “Escape.” I did not create the presentation in the second link, and do not know what the music is, but if anyone can tell me either, that would be great! The third link takes music from the CD called EPICON, the track is called “Preliator.” Also, as an update from the last EPIC Music day, I found the music from the end of the “The Island” trailer, it is called “Diem Ex Dei” and can also be found on EPICON.

Well, request away! 😀


EPIC MUSIC DAY!!! (12/20/06) December 20, 2006

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Today is Epic Music Day! What is that? It means request epic music on SST. What is epic music? Epic music is dramatic-sounding music that uses a choir, borderlining on opera (but it is not opera, don’t request opera!) The vocals sung by the choir usually consist of vocalizations (like aaahhs, or oooohhhhs) or are in lesser spoken languages (like Latin, Sankskrit, or (in the case of LOTR) one of the Elvish languages). Some examples of epic music are: Just about anything on the Epicon CD, the classic epic “O Fortuna,” “Duel of the Fates” from Star Wars I, “Battle of the Heroes” from Star Wars III, “Glamdring” from LOTR2, “The End of All Things” from LOTR3, and “Angelus In Medio Ignis” from The Messenger.
Still don’t understand what epic music is? Then watch this trailer. The music in the LAST HALF is an example of epic music. (The first half is music from the Elektra ST, if anyone knows which ST has the epic music, tell me and I will be eternally grateful!!! 🙂 )
Have fun requesting SST!