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My Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Four: Eggtown February 23, 2008

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First off, apologies again for delays, I was sick yesterday (and still am) and didn’t feel much up to posting. That said, let’s jump right in, it’s gonna be a short post today, as I only have three things to comment on:

One: the card trick Dan and Charlotte were doing, what was up with that? That was certainly something seemed a bit out of character for Dan (of course we’ve only known him for a short time). It seemed like a magic trick, or mind reading trick. I really don’t have any theories about what was going on here, just thought it was something really strange that I would point out.

Second, something that was only briefly touched on in this episode, is the fact that Sayid, Desmond, and Frank still haven’t arrived, is this perhaps because they didn’t follow the exact same baring going off as they did coming on? I’ve been thinking about the time travel theory, and I like to revise my thoughts on the Island: I don’t think the Island is necessarily at a particular point in the past or future, I’m beginning to think that the Island may be a temporal nexus. In other words, I think the Island is the gateway to time travel. One can reach the Island from any point in history, and depending on the direction they travel to get off of it, they can end up at any point in history. This would explain why the helicopter would have to leave the Island at an exact baring, in order to reach their own time. If they deviated slightly, they might end up somewhere, excuse me, somewhen else. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but I think it would explain a lot.

And lastly of course, is the huge last minute reveal, Kate’s son is none other than: Aaron! Of course, this opens up tons of questions. Where is Claire? Why did she give Aaron to Kate? Does Jack know that Kate’s “son” is Aaron? If so, why is he so reluctant to see him? Why would Kate be the one to care for Aaron? Her lifestyle certainly does not suggest she is the most motherly. Once again, I’ve got no theories on this as of yet, but I may think up something later, stay tuned!

More next week and please leave comments!



Review of Daredevil 104 (3.5 stars) February 18, 2008

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Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Our story starts pretty ominously with a frightened Lily running out of the Murdock residence (and getting into a Bonus LOST Easter Egg: cab advertising Oceanic Airlines) before a flashback scene. You’ve got to hand it to Brubaker, he is much better at using his flashback scenes than some of his other contemporaries (*cough*Bendis*cough*). Instead of finding out what exactly caused Lily to run from the house, we get another scene leading up to it, one that explains much more than actually showing us the events in the house. I also really enjoyed this scene because it probably gave us a better look into Darth Fear’s (nope, still haven’t given up on that nickname) character and exact plans than any other scene in this arc; we finally get to see his plan in action, and how everything really does fit into his plan, rather than him explaining to us that it somehow does.

We then get a short but awesome scene on Daredevil’s part. I really thought that DD was gonna torture the Ox, but his plan was so much better. This scene brought back memories of some of the best parts of Back in Black (which now never happened *sigh*) and showed that even when Daredevil is at his most desperate, he can still take the (somewhat) humane approach. Immediately after this, the Hood comes on the scene to question the Ox. Once again, kudos to Brubaker for doing his job, and paying attention to the continuity of comics besides his own; he could have easily ignored the Hood all together, or simply made him a small part of the story, but I think we will see a lot more of him before this storyline is over (I really don’t think this storyline will be wrapped up in this arc, there is only one issue left, and too much to resolve).

After this, we see that Darth Fear is once again, one step ahead of Matt, as he is not home when DD barges in, and he knows that Lily will have visited Milla by now. Matt gets home too late again, and we know that somewhere Darth Fear must be loving this as this must be sheer torture for Matt: Milla comes home, and there is some hope again, and boom, this happens, and all hope is lost. Fear certainly knows how to play games with his prey. Yet more praise for Brubaker: he certainly knows how to cook up great evil schemes for his villains (see Captain America for further proof), and how to show only small bits of these schemes to the readers to build speculation and suspense.

The story ends with Matt confronting Lily and the Hood confronting Fear. Summing up: this was a good issue, much better than the last, and Brubaker is a genius (who didn’t know that?).


Initial Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Three: The Economist February 16, 2008

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And the fourth member of the Oceanic Six is ….. Sayid! (Ha! I guessed right! My guess for the other two: Sun and Jin). He seems by far to have the oddest “future,” a hired assassin for Ben? (This also supports my theory that Ben may be the one who died at the end of Season 3). So from this we also know that Ben will leave (and has left from the looks of his passports) the Island, why? For someone who loves the Island as much as he does, what would compel him to leave? And of course the obvious question, who does Ben want dead, and why is Sayid working for him? I think the people getting killed are members of Naomi’s group, but I have no idea why Sayid would be the one to do it.

And of course the next big thing from this episode: Daniel’s experiment! Why did it take so long for the payload to reach the Island? And why were the clocks out of synch? This makes me once again suspect that time travel is involved. But if so, how are they still able to communicate with the freighter which is in the past/future? Are the “satellite phones” really some kind of temporal ansible? And if so, how does Naomi’s group have access to such advanced technology? (Of course the simple answer to the communications question is that the radio waves emitted by the phone travel through the wormhole, or whatever temporal distortion there may be, and mask the effect of time travel, but that answer isn’t nearly as fun. ;)).

And my last big question from this episode: why couldn’t Locke find Jacob’s cabin? Is Jacob losing faith in Locke? Is Hurley perhaps a better candidate? (I don’t know why he would be, the only reason I ask is ‘cause Hurley saw the cabin in the first place). As with all things Jacob, just what is going on here?

Please leave comments!

Edit: Sorry guys and gals, I haven’t had as much time this week as I thought I would, and I won’t be able to do a “Secondary Reactions” post. Unfortunately, I may give them up all together. 😦 But do not fret! More LOST reactions and theories will return Friday, and the “Initial Reactions” posts will continue! Stay tuned!


Secondary Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Two: Confrimed Dead February 11, 2008

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OK, so the episode opens with a remote sub finding the wreckage of 815. Some obvious questions: Who was it that found it, and what were they looking for? Cause they sure didn’t sound like they were trying to find 815. What is the wreckage? Cause we know that certainly isn’t from 815. Is it something that Ben’s off-Island group did to throw everyone off? If so, what kind of group could have the power to do that? Or perhaps, was it something Naomi’s group did to throw people off, so they could find the Island without interference? Of course, another question that Daniel’s wife asked applies, why was Daniel so upset?

Later, as Jack, Kate, and Dan go tracking through the jungle, they find a box from Dan’s group with a gas mask and red packs. Another obvious question: what is the gas mask for? Even if their main objective is to capture, or even kill Ben, there are surely much more simple ways of doing so that do not require gas masks. I’m thinking there is something much more sinister going on here.

Later on, we see Ben taunting Sawyer (what else is new?), after which Sawyer beats him up. Surely Ben knew what Sawyer would do, so why did he provoke him? What is his motive? Heck, pretty much anytime he has been beaten up, he knew it was coming, why does he continue to do it? Does he like pain? Does he want them to hate him more? Surely a guy as smart as Ben has a method to his madness, I just can’t wait to see what it is.

I already mentioned the heavy stuff from the polar bear dig on Friday, but there are two more things I want to touch on: one, why does Charlotte refuse to believe that the wreckage isn’t 815? And two, she knew to look for the polar bear’s collar, how could she have possibly known that? Just who is she?

Something big that I didn’t notice last time: Naomi’s group thinks that any 815 survivor’s may be on the Island with Ben, what would make them think that? And why was the creepy Black guy so insistent that there were no survivors? Now the next big thing that we have to wonder is, how did they get a picture of Ben? This was something I had never even thought of, until a friend asked me this question over the weekend. She also presented a theory I had never thought of that would explain a lot: clones. What if everyone on the Island were clones? This would explain how they could all be dead and yet still alive, and how they got the off-Island picture of Ben, who never leaves the Island. This is a very interesting theory, but I’m not sure if I am ready to side with it yet, because it does leave some holes: one, even if everyone is a clone, that doesn’t explain where the second plane (the one in the ocean, and the one on the Island) came from. Two, if the pilot was a clone, Frank would have still have recognized him, so the pilot in the ocean cannot be a clone. Why would they have cloned everyone except for one person? Here is my possible non-clone theory that might explain some things: perhaps Naomi’s group is what is leftover of the off-Island Dharma Initiative. This would explain why they are after Ben (he slaughtered their people), how they know so much about the Island and why they are trying to find it (it was their base of operations), and how they got a picture of Ben (it could have been faxed off the Island through The Flame when it was still run by Dharma). Of course, I could be completely wrong, but it does seem a partial fit.

One final comment about Charlotte’s name: Charlotte Staples Lewis. Does anyone else notice that she has the same initials as C.S. Lewis, as in the author of Narnia? In fact, her first name is the only thing that is different, because the S in C.S. Lewis’ name also stood for Staples. So here we get yet another literary reference. Are they all just random little Easter Eggs? Or do all of the literary references have meaning? Only time will tell…..

Check back on Friday for info on the third episode, and please leave comments!

Edit: I had to work last night, and abc.com is currently not working, AND I have to work all day today! Garg!!! So my thoughts on episode three will have to wait until tomorrow. 😦


Initial Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Two: Confirmed Dead February 8, 2008

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Okay, so perhaps the most shocking part needs to be mentioned first: the polar bear excavation! What the heck??? I think this can only mean one of two things: either the Dharma Initiative was experimenting with time travel (something that wouldn’t surprise me) or Dharma started waaaaay before the 70s. The only thing is that the emblem was from the Hydra station, so does this mean the stations were named after earlier stations? I don’t know, but that was probably one of the most shocking moments that I have seen on this show in quite a while. Then again, if time travel is somehow involved in this show, perhaps that might explain why traveling to the Island always makes for a bumpy ride. (Perhaps they are traveling through a wormhole?)

Another thing I need to point out: I was right! We certainly did see more of that creepy Black guy; I just didn’t realize we would see him so soon.

Another quick comment on Miles’ ghostbusting: my first reaction was that he was a fraud, but after seeing him use his “powers” (or whatever they should be called) twice now, I think I’m convinced. In any other show this may seem cheesy, but that’s part of what makes LOST awesome: anything goes.

Well, this seems kind of short and full of random bursts, but that’s all for today! Check back Monday for something much more coherent! 😉

Oh yeah, and please leave comments!


Review of Fantastic Four 553 (4.5 stars) February 4, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Given, I’ve only been reading Fantastic Four since the Civil War issues, but this is by far the best issue of FF I have read to date. Our story starts with a brief history of time travel (bad joke alert!), and while the ideas presented here are in no ways unique, they are rarely used in comics. This is the point where comics start to feel like real science fiction and not just super hero stories; this is exactly the kind of stuff I was expecting to read when I picked up FF. But this first page alone was so perfect because it draws you into the story and is somewhat reminiscent of H.G. Wells’ Time Machine and Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at the same time.

After a bit of dialogue, we come to something interesting as the future Thing is transformed into Ben, and then later transforms back. This is a great glimpse into the future, and something I’ve always thought would make a great power for the Thing (namely changing at will). I realize that specific future timelines presented in comics are rarely touched on again, but as I said, this still gives us something to hope for.

A little while later, we get a great speech from Sue. I loved this speech for two reasons: one it just shows how emotionally and mentally strong of a character Sue is, which is one of the reasons she is quickly becoming my favorite FF member, and two, it helps to fill the gap left in my soul from the retcon of the Spider-Marriage. Reed and Sue may be no Peter and MJ, but these moments can help to touch the same chords that the Peter/MJ marriage did. Bonus LOST Easter Egg during this scene: page 10, panel two: a large number 6 is carefully hidden in the rubble, it took me forever to find this.

The fight between the Fantastic Fours was just awesome. The art was great; I love Pelletier’s art, it is a bit on the cartoony side, which I tend to dislike, but it fits Fantastic Four perfectly, similar to Lark’s graininess for Daredevil. I wish Pelletier would stay on for Millar’s run, going by the advance art previews, I think I’d actually prefer him over Hitch. The use of Torch’s white fire in this scene looked particularly cool, as did his goatee. There is something about the fiery goatee that just looked sweet; I can’t describe it other than that. (Perhaps we should petition that modern day Johnny grow one? 😉 ) Of course the splash page also looked great; Pelletier seems to have a knack for doing those.

After the fight is resolved, old Reed and young Reed have an interesting talk about timelines. Normally I would have just shoveled this away as something cool that was mentioned, but it particularly stood out to me because it is something I have actually been thinking about for the last few weeks. This is mostly due to the fact that I recently rewatched LOST season three, in which Desmond and Charlie learn that “the universe has a way of correcting itself” and because I recently read the His Dark Materials trilogy (a great read, don’t listen to the bad hype, it’ll convert you to atheism just as much as Harry Potter will make you a devil worshipper, but that is an argument for another time) which deals heavily with alternate timelines. So anyways, I just appreciated this brief discussion because it was one of the few moments when one area of fiction you are delving into coincidentally ties in to another area.

Of course, then we finally get the truth out of Doom, and I gotta say, I actually felt sorry for the creep, maybe Pelletier was too good at drawing his sad expression behind that metal mask, I don’t know. Let’s just say that I was glad that it ended up working out for everyone, including Doom. Likewise, I liked future Reed’s message at the end; it gave this whole issue a very Wellsian feel (something I approve of, as H. G. Wells just happens to be my favorite author), only with a happier end for the characters involved than Wells usually gave. So overall, an excellent issue, I will miss McDuffie (even if I didn’t agree with the way he wrote the Silver Surfer’s character), but I eagerly await Millar’s run.

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Secondary Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode One: “The Beginning of the End” February 4, 2008

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Well, this time around I am watching it in segments then commenting on each one. Only a few questions from the first one: why is Hurley so afraid of Charlie’s specter that he would make a futile attempt to run away from the cops, wouldn’t simply leaving the store in a hurried manner have been enough to give Charlie the slip? And concerning Jack, does anyone else think he is simply becoming his father? (Especially when you consider the later flashforward from last season).

Ah yes, I’d forgotten the mention of Ana Lucia, just yet another odd coincidence of the characters being connected, as so often happens in this show. This of course leads to the question why did Hurley lie about her? Obviously it would have been painful to tell the truth, but is that only reason for not telling? Yet another thing we learn in this episode: Ben isn’t really Alex’s father, but that was fairly obvious, I never thought he was. I mean, if all women who get pregnant on the Island die, then Rousseau didn’t get pregnant on the Island, ergo not Ben. As for why he raised her on his own, that I suppose will be answered another day. I love how this shows emotions can be almost bipolar. Case in point: happy scene of Hurley doing a cannonball, immediately followed by him learning Charlie is (I still think isn’t!) dead. In most movies/shows this bipolar take doesn’t work to well with the audience, but I think it works almost perfectly in LOST.

So after the next little commercial break, we start with Hurley finally growing a backbone, by standing up to Sawyer and tossing the walkie out to sea. Nice. That was a scene I’ve been waiting for. Oh yeah, another thing I’d forgotten, who was the creepy Black lawyer guy? Is he somehow related to Ben’s off-Island organization? Or was he a part of Naomi’s group? Where did he want to take Hurley? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. We then go back to the Island, where Sawyer is being a nice guy for a change, before the startling appearance of Jacob’s cabin. Cue commercials.

Back on the Island, Kate was right and Naomi made a fake trail (who didn’t see that coming, you’d think Jack would trust Kate by now). Okay, so it was definitely Jack’s eye that Hurley saw, but there was someone sitting in the rocking chair, and call me crazy, but it looks like it may have been Jack’s father. 😐 Then again, that could just be a charade like the visions of Walt that various people have had on the Island.

Once we get back from commercials, Hurley and Locke have a talk, and then we meet up with the rest of the camp at a set piece we haven’t seen in awhile: the cockpit, perhaps one of the most fitting places to see the castaway’s reactions to Charlie’s apparent death. Claire’s was, of course, the saddest. 😦 Immediately afterwards, we get the still confusing appearance of the dead/not dead Charlie. And right before commercial, we learn that Jack really would have shot Locke; I won’t lie, I was surprised at that. I suppose we were lucky it was an empty gun.

In another flashforward, Hurley mentions something like “if I was gonna tell” while talking to Jack. This of course begs the question, what exactly is it that he can “tell” about? We also get “it’s doing everything it can to bring us back,” assuming he’s talking about the Island, we learn that it can still have influence in the rest of the world. And we end with another mysterious parachutist.

One last question: in the opening credits, it listed Harold Parrineau as being in this episode, but I don’t recall seeing him anywhere. Did anyone spot him?

Check back later for the next episode!


Initial Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode One: “The Beginning of the End” February 1, 2008

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Welcome to the first of a new series of posts. I figured it was high time that I started using the “and Other Random Stuff” portion of my blog title, so here goes. In these particular posts, I’ll write my initial reactions to LOST episodes the day after they come out (or the evening of, if I have time), and I’ll watch them again on Monday, and share my secondary reactions.

So, we start with what looks at first to be a flashback, but is soon revealed to be a flashforward (or are we considering these scenes to be the present, and the island scenes to be flashbacks?) similar to last season’s finale. Given, this was only the first episode, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the format for all future episodes. That is, my guess is that flashforwards will now be replacing flashbacks. When you think about, it actually makes sense. We know a large amount about the characters’ pasts, and with the exception of any pre-Island relationship between Libby and Hurley, I think all of the “mysteries of the past” have been solved. At least none come to my mind anyway. Through this episode’s flashforwards we learn two things: one, Hurley changes his mind at some point in time and joins Jack; and two, he changes his mind again sometime before Jack does and wants to go back. So, from the flashforward, here are some obvious questions that need answers: Who are the Oceanic Six? Are we to assume this means that only six people left the Island? Do all six eventually regret their decision and want to return? Is Charlie dead, or not? If so, how did the other dude at the institution see him? Why is Hurley haunted by visions of Charlie’s death if he wasn’t there? As always with this show, only time will tell…

Meanwhile on the Island – Naomi’s people still aren’t who they say they are, Jack is too closed-minded to see this, Naomi’s people don’t rescue anyone and instead only parachute two people down, and Locke is still the most awesome person on the Island. More obvious questions that need answers: Why could Hurley see Jacob’s cabin? Did we see Jacob’s or Locke’s eye? Did we see Jacob at all last night? And of course, who is Jacob anyway? Continuing, who are Naomi’s people? How do they know about Penny and Desmond? Why do they want to know about the island? And, perhaps most important, why does Ben fear them so much?

My Theories – Charlie is not dead! I’m calling this now! Proof? Did we actually see Locke die? Is he dead? Did we actually see Charlie die? Ergo…
Jacob is the Island, the black smoke monster, and the visions of dead people (and still alive in the case of Walt) that various people have seen, all combined into one entity.
Jacob has chosen Locke as his new “prophet” because Ben has become too selfish.

More on Monday!


Review of Mighty Avengers 8 (3.5 stars) February 1, 2008

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Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Bagley’s art continues to be pretty good. Of course, it’s not as good as Cho’s was, but I’d take Bagley’s art any day if it means no release delays. And I certainly enjoyed Bagley’s take on this scene much more than Yu’s. The only real complaints I have are minor: one, I wish he wouldn’t draw Tony’s real eyes instead of the normal yellow lights, it really takes away from his technological look; and two, I wish he wouldn’t draw Ares with his helmet, that helmet should just go away altogether. Then again, that might be more of Bendis’ decision than Bagley’s.

The story was also pretty well written. We start with Jan getting some improved abilities (which was really just Bendis’ way of keeping Pym off the team) and then we pick up right where we left off. Fighting ensues and Jan, Natasha, and Jessica get “Venomized.” I get why Simon, Ares, and Tony don’t bond with symbiotes. And Bob kind of makes sense because he always has random useful powers. (He should change his name from The Sentry to Deus Ex Machina Man!) Carol’s is the only one that I don’t get. Skrullish behavior perhaps?

Moving on, while half of the Avengers try to keep the other half from destroying the city (gosh I’d hate to live in 616 NYC, that’d be a lot of destruction to put up with), who should appear but Luke’s group of underground Avengers? It’s times like this when reading New Avengers is both a blessing and a curse. If I didn’t read NA, it would seem a pretty big coincidence that both Avengers were in the same place at the same time, but since MA was behind schedule, I already knew everything that was going to happen in this issue.

We continue on to Tony breaking into the Baxter Building to use Reed’s lab, and while H.E.R.B.I.E. magically (or so it would seem) makes an antivirus, we see some interesting and relevant speculation on Tony’s part. After Tony disperses the aforementioned antivirus, we see him letting the New Avengers go. Again. Out of context, this action may seem out of character for someone who recently tried to trap them with a fake “not-dead” Captain America replica. But it really makes sense now that Tony knows the Skrulls are invading; he knows he’s going to need all the help he can get to stop this invasion, and there will be plenty of time to arrest the New Avengers once the invasion is stopped.

We end with Tony finding out the source of the virus (DOOM!) and assembled the Avengers to go attack Latveria. Which means that next issue we will finally have something new! In other words, my first complaint about this issue is that there was nothing new to anyone who reads New Avengers; but that is not really Bendis’ fault, as I’m sure he intended these issues to come out around the same time, so I consider this a minor complaint. My second complaint, somewhat less minor, concerns a Deus Ex Machina (no, not the Sentry). Iron Man uses H.E.R.B.I.E. to whip up an antivirus in a matter of minutes? Why hasn’t anyone done that for something important, like AIDS? Bendis really could have done something cooler. Heck, I would have preferred it if Dr. Strange pulled some antiviral rabbit out of his proverbial hat and magicked the Venoms all away. But what can I say; you can’t really analyze this kind of logic in comics before everything starts to fall apart, so I’ll accept it this time.

Bonus: LOST Easter Eggs: page two, panel one: “Remember Find815.com” is written on a post-it note on Jan’s board. Page three, panel two: there is an Oceanic Airlines sign. Page 18, panel one: “Find yourself” is written on a pole. Not really much to comment about these Easter Eggs, just pointing out their existence.


Review of New Avengers Annual 2008 (4 stars) January 31, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Yes! New Avengers art that I can enjoy! The females actually had different faces! Fight scenes were weren’t confusing! My eyes didn’t want to bleed with every new page! I’m insanely glad to see someone who isn’t Yu doing art. (Too bad he’s doing Secret Invasion. 😦 I hope the females are in costume all the time, or I won’t know who is who). Not to mention the fact that Pagulayan had some pretty awesome art. This one issue makes me want to rank him with McNiven, Coipel, and Epting; I seriously hope we see more of his work in the future. If I could pick anything, I think he should draw a Dr. Strange series. (Of course we would need one first, but that’s the point. 😉 ) I think the big red magic-y splash page is good justification for that.

Bendis continues to spin a pretty good yarn. Tigra reappears, so we know that The Hood actually follows through on threats (in case any of us actually doubted that). And Night Nurse is back (almost thought Bendis forgot about her). Nice to see he actually has plans for the characters he uses, and doesn’t just throw them in randomly.

Then of course we see that The Hood’s magic seeing trumps Dr. Strange’s magic hiding spell. I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything the Hood can’t do. (Not complaining though, an uber-powerful villain often leads to a more interesting story). Following this, Spidey blows their cover, and we get a classic Spidey moment where his first impression is to save the baby, at least he still remembers how to make a responsible choice. (And here I thought I’d get through this without mentioning OMD). Next we get the showdown. Cap 34 delivered a great (almost) solo fight, and this gives us a double dose with an awesome team fight (way better than last issue’s, maybe because it was easier to see). My surprise: Wong can kick butt! Who saw that coming? I’ve gained some new respect for this background character! (Well, maybe anyway, see below). And of course, Dr. Strange kicks some serious butt with his magic (as is always the case, villains seriously believe they have a chance against a team with Strange? What are they smoking?), which was, of course, awesome, but also prompts the question of why this magic made him look like a Red Hulk wannabe? (Or maybe he is the Red Hulk! Joking, of course.) This leads to the sad moment where Dr. Strange leaves the team (and leaves the door wide open for a solo series! Hint, hint, Marvel!). While I still plan on reading this series, this really saddens me because Spider-Man and Strange were the main reasons I started reading this series, and now Strange is gone, and Spider-Man is dead to me after One More Day (Dang! Mentioned it again!). We also (maybe) gained Tigra as a team member. Mehh, whatever, not a big fan of her, but I don’t hate her either.

And finally the dramatic end: The Hood hatches (yet another) master plan with help from his as yet unnamed demon friend (you’d think villains would learn by now that master plans never work) and Jessica decides to sign the SHRA. Bet that’ll make Luke just a tad peeved. So not much closure to this storyarc, but a great lead into the next one.

Bonus: LOST Easter Egg: page 20, panels one and four: The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are using an incognito Oceanic Airlines truck. Along the lines of my Cap review, does Oceanic really exist in the 616 universe? Perhaps LOST is just a show there as well, and someone at S.H.E.I.L.D. was a fan and had a sense of humor? I seriously hope there is some resolution to this, so LOST nerds like me don’t have to keep trying to fit this all together.

Finally, part two of my Skrull theories, the New Avengers edition!

Luke – really don’t see him being a Skrull, he has been way too suspicious, and perhaps has had the most anti-Skrull sentiments out of anyone on this team. The only way I could see him being a Skrull is if he is being very anti-Skrull just to throw everyone off.

Dr. Strange – I highly doubt it, for three reasons. One, he’s Sorcerer Supreme! I realize Skrull mimicking technology has gotten pretty darn good since their last encounter with humanity, but I really don’t think it is to the point where they can impersonate the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme. Two, it looks like he just left the team, so he probably won’t be around for Secret Invasion (I can see him coming back at the very end to help though). Three, the Illuminati already had one Skrull, I really don’t see the purpose of the Skrulls planting two there.

Wolverine – also unlikely. One, he’s got his own book and is a part of the X-Men, and neither look like they will tie in to Secret Invasion. Two, if the Skrulls could recreate his healing powers, why not apply those powers to every Skrull that is a part of the upcoming invasion and have an unstoppable army? So unless Bendis plans to have the Skrulls win (boy, wouldn’t that be unexpected?), I really don’t see this as an option.

Iron Fist – possible. Someone pointed out that his was the only symbiote to turn green during the Venom Virus, but this could also be explained by the fact that his costume is mostly green (and has been since long before Secret Invasion). Also, he has his own book, and it doesn’t look like it will tie into Secret Invasion either. Then again, he referred to someone else trying to tap into the Iron Fist powers. Perhaps that was really the Skrull trying to find out how to block the real Rand from doing so?

Echo – also possible. Pretty secretive past, and she was connected to the Avengers previously, so she would have been a good target for a Skrull spy. Her powers also seem like they would be one of the easiest to mimic. However, she could just as easily not be a Skrull, since her killing Elektra was what started the whole Skrull revelation anyway.

Ronin – I doubt it. One, I think that I remember Marvel officially announcing that he is NOT a Skrull, and even if I remember incorrectly, I think the fact that so many suspect him of being a Skrull would be a good reason for him not to be.

Spider-Man – I really wish he was. But I sincerely doubt it. ‘Nuff said.

Tigra – maybe, but she doesn’t seem important enough to be replaced by a Skrull, and she seemed to care too much for the safety of her family when the Hood threatened her. A real Skrull wouldn’t care.

Jessica Jones – Possible. I think it would be interesting if she was a Skrull in hiding that didn’t want to be a Skrull. This would be why she could have genuinely fallen in love with Luke, and also be so protective of the baby, because if anyone found out it was half Skrull, people wouldn’t want it around. I think we’ll have to take the wait and see approach with her.

Baby Danielle – unless she is half Skrull as mentioned above, I really don’t see a way the Skrulls could have placed her as a spy. Jessica has been guarding her too closely. What about the green eye thing, you say. Maybe Marvel just wanted to throw us off? It’s called unpredictable story telling…

Wong – gets my vote. Several reasons. One, he was the only one in this list of people (with the exception of Tigra) who wasn’t subjected to either of Dr. Strange’s spells. Two, why was he so desperate to keep people out of the kitchen? His Skrully secret hide-out maybe? Three, it would be the perfect position to spy on one of Earth’s most powerful men (literally) who also happens to be in the Illuminati. And four, since when can he kick butt? While that scene was cool, it just seemed a bit out of character to me. (Also, it would give a reason for Dr. Strange to re-enter the game, something we already know is going to happen at some point).

More reviews later!