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Review of Iron Man (5 stars) May 1, 2008

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Iron Man

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Iron Man is an action filled spectacle that will leave you begging for more. The movie opens with a bang (quite literally), as Tony experiences the explosion that will change his life within the first few minutes of the movie. After quickly showing that he has been kidnapped by Middle-Eastern terrorists, the movie jumps back in time 36 hours to show the audience who Tony Stark is, and why he was in Afghanistan in the first place. This flashback gives a humorous view into the arrogance and “jerkiness” that is Tony Stark. Robert Downey Jr. plays this part so well that you can’t help but love this egotistical jerk, instead of loathing him (which we all probably would if we were to meet him). Here we also meet the supporting characters Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, Obadiah Stane, and Jarvis (who is now a computer program).

As the movie catches back up to the present we learn that Dr. Yinsen has saved Tony’s life by installing an electromagnet in his chest, which is keeping the shrapnel from entering his heart, and he will therefore need it for the rest of his life. Together, he and Tony are commanded to build a Jericho missile (a new powerful missile invented by Tony earlier) or face death. The two agree, but secretly work on building the Mark One armor. With the explosion within the first five minutes of the movie, and the first donning of the Iron Man armor a little over a half hour after that, this movie is certainly not one to make the audience wait. Once the armor is finished, the two escape and the terrorist compound is destroyed, but not before Yinsen is killed in the attempt by the terrorists. Tony tries to fly away, but does not get too far before his armor fails and he crashes in the desert, leaving behind the pieces of the now broken suit, he walks into the desert before later being found by U.S. helicopters.

Once back in America, he vows that Stark Industries will no longer construct weapons, and later learns that Stark Industries has been making weapons deals “under the table” with several terrorist cells, including the one he was captured by. With the economic ramifications of his earlier pledge, Obadiah is left trying to explain to the rest of the company how they are still going to make profits. Tony meanwhile, improves his original designs on his armor through many humorous scenes of trial and error, and decides to use it to destroy all of his weapons that are in the hands of terrorists. The scene showing this is pure nonstop action, as he first takes on the terrorists personally (also showing that Tony is not afraid to kill) before taking on tanks, and finally as he leaves the now liberated village, he must escape from Air Force jets who have mistaken him for a hostile weapon.

As hints of a future romance are shown between Tony and Pepper, we learn that Obadiah was the one who was dealing with the terrorists and that he hired them to kill Tony. Obadiah steals the remnants and blue prints of the Mark One armor from the terrorists to design his own Iron Monger armor. When Pepper learns of this by stealing the information from Obadiah’s computer, the movie enters its final act as Pepper, along with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, attempt to arrest Obadiah, who then enters the Iron Monger armor to take them down. Iron Man enters to save the day, and we get an epic downtown brawl, reminiscent of last years’ Transformers, between the two. Iron Man, of course ends up winning, and this leads to mass media’s knowledge of his existence. Later, Tony calls a press conference, and, with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D., decides to cover up any ties between himself and Iron Man, only to change his mind halfway through and reveal the truth: “I am Iron Man.” Cue credits. This was the perfect and unexpected ending to the movie, leaving the door wide open for a sequel, but if this wasn’t enough, we still have the scene after the credits. Here, Tony enters his house to find Nick Fury (in the form of Samuel L. Jackson, no less!) who wants to talk about the “Avengers Initiative,” opening up to a whole different kind of “sequel.” Overall, this movie was absolutely pleasing, as both a comics fan and a movie fan. This is potentially (though I will need more time to decide) the best superhero film yet, and is a definite must no matter what kind of movies you like.

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Well, apparently my reviews don’t suck… April 28, 2008

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…because I am now also going to be writing reviews for Weekly Comic Book Review! That’s right, your favorite rambling King of the LOTR will be writing reviews that will actually be read by hundreds, instead of dozens! (Not that I don’t appreciate the 2-3 dozen that read this site daily, I am humbled that the amount of people who actually want to read what I have to say is more than four people. 😉 ) So what does this mean for this site? Well, I still plan to write reviews here. There will be some comics that I review only on WCBR, there will be some that I review only here, and there will some that I review both places. For the ones that occur twice, be assured they will be completely rewritten reviews, not just a copy and paste job. What will the difference be? My WCBR reviews will be more “professional,” so there will be no spoilers, and they will be shorter. Here, I’ll keep doing things the way they’ve been done: long, drawn out, spoiler-ful, and conversational. So which version do I want you to read? Both of course! One more news bit to reveal: since I cannot sign things “-LOTRKing” at WCBR, I might as well reveal my name: *drumroll* M. Staples. I know, boring huh? LOTRKing sounds cooler. 😛 So what does the “M” stand for? Well, that is the Mystery. 😉 (Sorry, bad pun.) But I’m sure I’d be insanely amused at your guesses, so start firing them. Lastly, to read my first ever review at WCBR go here. More are sure to follow.

Have fun! Happy reading! Try to guess my name! and Please leave comments!



Ender’s Game – The Comic Book April 21, 2008

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The coolest news of the decade just came from Marvel.com – Ender’s Game, one of the best novels of modern science fiction, is getting its own comic book adaptation. I think I might die from excitement, if I don’t post anything in the next week or so, you all have permission to assume that I did. I don’t really know what to say, I’m just so insanely excited that I had to post this.

I’ll stop babbling now. 😉


Concerning Amazing Spider-Man….. April 21, 2008

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So I have a confession to make. I, like many others, have fallen into the trap that is Brand New Day. Yes, despite my best efforts to stay away and maintain righteous anger, Amazing Spider-Man has drawn me back in, but probably not in the way you think. It was early March when I had a bit of an epiphany: five years (or so) from now, ASM will either be in one of two places: either OMD will have been reversed, or it won’t, and if it is reversed, I will have started to read it again, and if it isn’t reversed, by that time I will likely have gotten curious enough to take a look into the new world that Spidey had established. Being the “completist” that I am, and since I own the Amazing Spider-Man Complete Collection DVD-ROM, either road would require to go back and buy all the issues that I missed while I had dropped the book. So in essence, I knew I was eventually going to buy the books that were coming out now, and decided to save myself the trouble of having to find the issues in back issue bins and on eBay by simply catching up on the few that I had already missed, and continuing on from there.

So there, I said it: despite my rantings and ravings from previous months, I eventually (and in a very short amount of time) returned back to ASM. So, what do I actually think of the issues that I so reluctantly am buying? Well, they haven’t been that bad. Some were more interesting than others; the “Freak” storyline was certainly the most interesting. At the same time, they haven’t been as insanely spectacular as Marvel has said they’d be, but I can see now why Marvel thought elements like Peter’s secret identity, webshooters, and the return of Harry would help the story, because this “Brand New World” certainly is interesting. However, the one thing I have yet to see as necessary is the erasure of the marriage. In fact, the stories occurring now would be almost the exact same if Pete and MJ were separated (as they were a few years back), as if the were never married. I guess what I’m trying to say is, that while a somewhat massive reboot may have been necessary, said reboot did not have to get rid of the marriage. Indeed, the marriage remains my favorite part of past Spidey stories, and you can bet that my future letters to Marvel will include a request for a return of the marriage. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind if they “re-married” and acted like it was the first time. Anyway, I’m rambling on, so I’ll just get to (and/or reiterate) the main points of this post: I have restarted on Amazing Spider-Man, and reviews will return with the next new issue, though I’m still angry about the loss of the marriage, and I continue to address it in future letters to Marvel, one of which I plan to write next week (no promises though!) and will post up here.

That’s enough rambling from me today.


Where things stand….. March 22, 2008

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Well, last week when I said I’d have comments for two weeks straight, I figured in the review for New Avengers 39, which I still haven’t gotten. (Durn Marvel subs!) So, I figured that this would be a good time to have a “wrap up” post for the past two weeks by just taking a quick look at where I think things stand in the Marvel Universe.

Fantastic Four: The Millar/Hitch team isn’t quite as insanely awesome as I thought it would be, but it is still good so far, and early in the run, so I still have very high hopes for this team. I also think that despite their legit appearance, the Earth Trust is a sinister group.

Silver Surfer: The last we saw of him was in the Silver Surfer: In Thy Name mini, and he is apparently going to play a big role in an upcoming arc of Nova, so I will likely pick that up (just for that arc). However, I still really think he deserves his own ongoing! So, next time you write another One More Day protest letter to Marvel, be sure to include as a side note that you want an ongoing Silver Surfer! (I know I will! 😉 )

Amazing Spider-Man: …..still hasn’t gone back. 😦 (It is going to take awhile of course for them to undo their mistake, and I realize this, I’ve just never been patient. 😉 ) I won’t lie though, I’ve read through a few of the recent issues, and some of them aren’t bad, but even if they were insanely awesome, the marriage was one of my favorite parts of the series, and it will never feel the same without it. They can keep this retconned “Brand New World” if they want, just bring back the marriage. They don’t even have to restore the previous marriage, just have them get married again! (Okay, getting off my soapbox now.)

Mighty Avengers: Looking at some other people’s reactions, it seemed that most people enjoyed the last issue more than I (though I still thought it was a good issue, just not the best), and more people it seems are going to give this series a second chance and/or jump on the boat. Good! I’m loving this series right now, and I think it has enormous potential. So until the Sentry goes crazy and causes Mighty Avengers Disassembled, Make Mine Mighty! 😉

Captain America: Brubaker is a genius. ‘Nuff said.

New Avengers: As mentioned earlier, I still don’t have the new issue. The last few issues have been good as single issues, but overall the story is a little slow, obviously once we hit Secret Invasion the story will pick up, but if I didn’t know that, this title might have been in danger of being dropped. I’ll wait and see. (Besides, as mentioned above, Mighty is better.) Edit: I just found out that right before NA39 was supposed to be released, its publication date was pushed back two weeks, so it will now come out this Wednesday. I should have a review for it sometime this week.

Avengers: The Initiative: I’m still catching up, and am currently on issue 9, and so far this series is awesome! It could easily be the best ongoing that Marvel is putting out! (That’s right: Thor and Captain America have a rival!) As soon as I finished 9, I was sad that I didn’t pick up 10 while at my LCS last time, now I have to wait another week and a half! Garg! I’m glad that I didn’t pick up this series sooner, because I couldn’t imagine having to wait a month for issue 10! (And now I feel like an old school Marvel mag for ending every sentence with an exclamation point! Next thing you know, I’ll be advertising for the M.M.M.S.!)

Uncanny X-Men: Brubaker’s genius isn’t quite apparent here, but the storyline is still interesting, and I’m going to continue it. Besides, issue 500 is surely going to do something insanely awesome, so I can’t wait to see what happens!

Daredevil: See description for Captain America.

Thor: I still haven’t got issue 7, but so far this series has been great, and is definitely one of Marvel’s top titles. J. Michael Straczynski is a godsend for Thor (pun totally intended), and I hope he continues to write this for a very long time, as Thor has become one of my favorite characters.

The Twelve: While not as good as Thor, this series is certainly intriguing; JMS really knows how to spin a good yarn. I still think Electro is going to play a huge part in the future, and he may in fact be the Blue Blade’s killer. As always we’ll wait and see…..

Well, as soon as I get and read New Avengers 39 and Thor 7, I’ll be sure to post a review, so check back here often! And please leave comments!


LOTRKing, Where Have You Been? March 10, 2008

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So where have I been? Well, you wouldn’t believe it, but first I was abducted by Skrulls and then ….. wait, you don’t believe me? Well, here’s the “real” answer then, mostly I’ve just been uber-busy. This past week I worked doubles every day except Wednesday, and I was still busy on Wednesday anyway (doesn’t point to the stack of comics that he bought that day). There were some days when I wasn’t busy enough, and I could’ve written a review or two, but on those days I was just lazy. So to the people who missed my comics reviews and LOST theories in the last two weeks (all four of you), I’m sorry. But just to make up for it, for the next two weeks, I’m going to post something every day (except Sunday). That’s right Monday through Saturday starting today for the next fortnight, there will be a comics review, or some LOST theories, or just some random babblings (heck, I’m even planning to write a review of a fairly new CD). So, since this is today’s post (cause I can cheat like that), check back tomorrow for my much delayed review of Thor 6!

But before I sign off, just some quick comics news: I unfortunately must now sacrifice three more dollars a month. Why? Because I was silly enough to read the first seven issues of Avengers: The Initiative on my Civil War DVD-ROM, and they were insanely awesome. This series is too good not to read, so I will be picking it up for the time being. I’m still catching up on back issues however, so you’ll have to wait a bit for a review of a current issue (I’m not going to review back issues like I did with Daredevil and Thor, because I’m lazy). Doesn’t this go against what I’ve said in my FAQ about picking up new series? Yes, it does. This is exactly why I try not to read other comics, because I’m afraid I’ll like them, and then have to pick up the whole series. You can say “its just one more comic series, only $3 more a month”, until you are in financial oblivion, and I won’t do that. So I think this is really only a one time thing, don’t expect me to pick up another series without sacrificing another any time soon. (Unless they start a Silver Surfer ongoing series.) (And Secret Invasion doesn’t count, it is pretty much a given that it needs to be read, so I will of course be getting those.)

See you tomorrow!


Let it be known… February 25, 2008

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Batman Meets Marvel February 12, 2008

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So the other day, I was bored, and I had some time on my hands. These two are never a good combination. I ended up writing a script whose main purpose was to make fun of Batman. Eventually it evolved to make fun of everyone featured. So, like any good blogger, I decided to post it here. To those who get angered easily, please keep in mind that I stereotyped EVERY character involved, in fact I stereotyped them on purpose. So yes, I realize these are not very good representations of the characters, so please don’t get mad at me if your favorite character was not represented well. That said, let’s have some fun, and dig into this thing.

RP2: In the sky!
RP3: What the heck is it?
BATMAN: Why it’s the Bat Signal, of course!
RP1: The what?
BATMAN: The Bat Signal! It signals that Batman is needed to help fight crime!
RP2: Who the heck is Batman?
BATMAN: Why I am, of course!
RP3: Are you registered with the SHRA?
BATMAN: Holiday Hooby-Whatey?
*enter IRON MAN*
IRON MAN: Costumed vigilante! You are commanded to cease what you are doing and present proof of Initiative Membership!
*BATMAN reaches to Bat Belt*
BATMAN: All I have is this. *hands card to IRON MAN*
IRON MAN: What is this? This isn’t an Initiative license!
BATMAN: Why it’s the Bat Card of course!
IRON MAN: This isn’t Government Issue, where did you get it?
BATMAN: From my Bat Belt of course! The source of any item I ever need!
IRON MAN: I’m sorry, this won’t do, I’ll have to escort you to the 42 Negative Zone Prison!
*enter SPIDER-MAN*
SPIDER-MAN: Black Panther! Your skin! You’ve pulled a Michael Jackson! (At least you still have your nose!)
IRON MAN: This isn’t Black Panther, you idiot, it’s …. erm… Catman!
BATMAN: Batman!
IRON MAN: Whatever. Nonetheless, unless you sign the SHRA and submit to training, I will have no choice but to incarcerate you. Spidey, that goes for you to!
SPIDER-MAN: Not unless I take him with me to the secret hideout of the New Avengers!
IRON MAN: Dude, I read New Avengers Annual 2, you don’t have a secret hideout. It was destroyed when the Hood’s gang attacked, and Dr. Strange, your most powerful member, has quit, so unless you have an invisible army with you, I’m taking you both in.
SPIDER-MAN: Ha! You’ll never be able to take me and him at the same time! I’ll get away, and you’ll never find me, because you don’t know my secret identity anymore! So nyahh!
IRON MAN: Of course I do you’re ….. wait a minute, who are you? I know we used to be friends, but I suddenly can’t remember your name! It’s like someone retconned everything that has happened to you over the last several years!
SPIDER-MAN: Yup, it got retconned along with my marriage, my best friend’s death, and my sense of responsibility. Now I’m a jobless loser, who’s never been married, and still lives at home, while whining about how poor I am, and borrowing money from my dead best friend who isn’t dead any more!
BATMAN: I hate to interrupt, but that story sucks way too much to be believed. Are you sure you just didn’t have my pal Superman just use one of his infinite amount of powers, and erase his memory?
SPIDER-MAN: Of course not! The writers of my story are convinced that it was one of the best stories ever written!
BATMAN: *to himself* They must have somehow stolen some Bat Weed from my Bat Belt, to delude themselves like that!
IRON MAN: What was that?
BATMAN: Nothing.
IRON MAN: Whatever. Now I am taking you both in, you have two choices, you can come quietly or–
*DR STRANGE materializes out of nowhere*
DR STRANGE: Not so fast!
BATMAN: Who are you?
DR STRANGE: By the Vishanti! You know not who I am? I am Dr. Strange!
BATMAN: What a Strange name! *everyone groans at the horrible joke* And what can you do?
BATMAN: Oh! A magician, eh? I once played one of those. Except it wasn’t really me, rather the same actor who played me in a movie (did I mention I have 5 movies? How many do you losers have?) and was also in a movie called–
DR STRANGE: No, real magic.
BATMAN: There’s no such thing, it’s just your lame excuse for not wanting to explain how you –
DR STRANGE: By the Sons of Satannish, you shall become a goat! *BATMAN turns into a goat, then turns back* Not so lame now, am I?
BATMAN: *who still has a goatee* Ha! At least everything I can do is of my own creation!
IRON MAN: *silently* Computer, record the following discussion for records of SHRA identification. *out loud* And what can you do?
BATMAN: Why, I have no powers, but I can still kick your butts any day, with all of the handy dandy utilities on my Bat Belt!
IRON MAN: Ha, all I would need to do is fry you with my –
BATMAN: Before you could even finish, I would disable your armor with my Bat EMP Emitter.
IRON MAN: Ha! I can detect EMPs before they happen, and shut down my systems before they happen!
BATMAN: Then I would simply use it in conjunction with my Bat Block Iron Man’s EMP Detector Machine, also conveniently found on my Bat Belt! And I could take out your buddies here with my Bat Webbing Dissolver, and my Bat Magic Blocker! Then, if I got hungry, I could have some Bat Spam!
IRON MAN: How could you possibly have those items, especially since you didn’t believe in magic up until a few minutes ago?
BATMAN: My Bat Belt is equipped with everything I could possibly need (all of which I invented) and it is still extraordinarily light!
SPIDER-MAN: That’s impossible! And you think my story sounded stupid? At least I didn’t have Deluded Creators!
IRON MAN: I’ve had enough of this, I’m going to take you both in and get some help, and – wait a minute, Dr. Strange, what exactly are you doing here? I thought you took vacation time at a very inopportune moment in order meditate, and do other boring things, to fix you’re magic skills!
DR STRANGE: You’re right! I don’t know what I’m doing here. It must have just been one of those moments where I appear out of nowhere to fix a situation that I wasn’t even involved with in the first place! You’re on your own Spider-Man; I’ve got boring magic fixing stuff to do. *DR STRANGE vanishes into the air*
IRON MAN: Good, now that he’s gone, I’m calling in the reinforcements. Sentry! Your presence is required immediately!
*The SENTRY flies in*
SENTRY: Hi guys! I’m CRAZY!
BATMAN: That’sssss ……. nice.
SENTRY: How can I help you Iron Man? (I’m CRAZY!)
IRON MAN: Well, I need to arrest these two, but I can’t detain both at the same time, so I need you to –
SENTRY: No need to say more! (I’m CRAZY!) I’ll just fly this guy into the Sun, and you’ll have Spidey all to yourself! (I’m CRAZY!)
*SENTRY grabs BATMAN and flies off into space*
IRON MAN: No wait! *but it is too late* Alas poor Batman, we barely knew him! Batman has passed on! He is no more! He has ceased to be! He’s expired and gone to meet his maker! Bereft of life, he rests in peace! If he wasn’t thrown into the Sun, he’d be pushing up daisies! His metabolic processes are now history! He’s sleeping with the fishes and has gone to Davy Jones’ locker! He’s kicked the bucket, he’s shuffled off his mortal coil, run down the curtain, and joined the bleeding choir invisible! This is an ex-Batman!
*SENTRY comes zooming back into the atmosphere*
SENTRY: Well, that was easy! (I’m CRAZY!)
BATMAN: I’m not dead yet, I’m getting better!
BATMAN: Simple, once I heard he was going to fly me into the Sun, I simply pushed the Bat Cloning Button on my Bat Belt. He only flew my Bat Clone into the Sun.
SPIDER-MAN: I once had a clone, and then he thought he was me and I was him, and everybody hated it, and it has never been referred to since.
*awkward silence*
BATMAN: OK then.
IRON MAN: Batman, you could become a nuisance here really quick!
SPIDER-MAN: I’ve got an idea how to get rid of him! Oi! Mephisto!
*MEPHISTO appears*
SPIDER-MAN: I’m ready to make another deal; you wanna retcon this Batman guy out of existence for me?
MEPHISTO: Of course, but the price will be that all that has happened in the last few minutes will also be retconned away too.
IRON MAN: You mean anyone who read this will have wasted their precious time by reading something that never happened?
MEPHISTO: That is correct.
SPIDER-MAN: I can live with that! Do it!
MEPHISTO: OK, but before I do, I want to tell you something that will make a small part of your souls suffer, even if you won’t remember. I’m going to tell you something very important, that you will now never know because I will erase having told you. Iron Man: YOU are the Skrull!
MEPHISTO: *laughs evilly* HA HA HA HA HA! I love doing that. *MEPHISTO pulls off his face, which is revealed to only be a mask, JOE QUESADA is revealed to be underneath*
JOE QUESADA: Ah, nothing like the smell of a good retconning in the morning!



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Marvel Announces Golden Loeb Winners! February 5, 2008

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Marvel has announced the winners of the Golden Loebs! Some of those I voted for won, and of course some did not. The two big surprises for me: Immortal Iron Fist won best series. Let me repeat that: Immortal Iron fist beat Captain America, Thor, and Fantastic Four. I’ve had no interest in picking up the series, simply because I’m not that interested in the character, but to beat the aforementioned titles, it must be pretty good. Anyone read it? I’d be happy to learn what makes it so good. Second: among the write-ins for best villain they actually included Joe Quesada! ROFL! I’m proud to say I was one of those write-in voters.

Stay tuned for more reviews and random babblings, and please leave comments!


Delay of Fantastic Four 553 Review February 2, 2008

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To everyone looking forward to my review of FF 553 (maybe a whole 2 people 😉 ), I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to review it this week for one simple reason: my subscription issue hasn’t arrived yet! 😦

But I should get it next week, so check back then for its review, along with reviews of: Silver Surfer: In Thy Name 4 (the finale!), The Twelve 2, Uncanny X-Men 495 (that’s right, I’m picking up a new series!), and Daredevil 103!