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Review of Uncanny X-Men 502 (2.5 stars) October 2, 2008

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Overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

More near-mediocrity from Fraction and Brubaker, and more crap from Land is the best way to describe this issue. Let’s start with the true crap first, namely, Land’s art. Now, I know I’ve linked to this before, but Land’s tracing and recycling isn’t the only thing that makes him a bad artist. There’re also occurrences such as these:

Big, beefy, muscular men are part of the genre, and I’ve come to accept that. But what the crap is up with Logan’s arm? It’s already muscular-looking enough, why did Land have to include what looks like a tumor growing out of where his elbow bends? Seriously, that doesn’t make any sense anatomically at all. That big bulge spreads over where his elbow bends? How does he even bend it? Here is another “weird body incidence:”

Likewise, I’ve also come to accept that well-endowed, impossibly skinny women are part of the genre, but her torso being thicker than her hips? That’s not even the “perfect hourglass figure,” that’s an upside-down pear figure! (I’m not even going to comment on her annoying info box and dialogue in this panel.) Add to these the crazy looking smiles that almost everyone wears and the fact that the “Red Queen” is probably the most ridiculous looking villainess I’ve seen, and you’ve got some grade-A Land-crap.

Luckily the story isn’t horrible. We make some more discoveries about the Hellfire cult, we get a decent fight, and the majority of the character interactions are amusing. (I’m glad that Fraction and Brubaker have decided to include the camaraderie and humor that they have, it’s truly what is keeping this title afloat at the moment.) The only part that I dislike is pretty much any scene featuring Pixie. She’s annoyed me ever since the Free Comic Book Day issue starring her, and now, she seems to star in Uncanny as well. This book would be so much better if she just left the team. (Well, maybe.)

Mehh, I realize this may sound a bit harsh as a review. This issue really wasn’t that bad. But everyone once in a while, you’ve gotta vent, and this was the opportunity I chose. If you aren’t already reading Uncanny, I can’t honestly recommend picking it up, but for those of us who are, at least there’s worse things we could be reading, and besides, we only have to endure Land for another issue or two.




1. Eric Armstrong - October 6, 2008

Have you been looking at comic book art so long that you do not know what an anatomically correct build builder arm looks like? I personally do not see a tumor. Also, really women have different body shapes and only in comic books are women’s hips wider than their shoulders. The one smiles I have seen on his characters where at appropriate times. Land is very good with facial expressions. Take it from someone that draws, I am sure Land uses references for some of his art but there is no way he could be tracing and finish his pages in time for print. It would take months to find the appropriate pictures to trace. I guarantee that Land has looked at so many pictures and people that he can close his eyes and see almost anything he wants. How can you, in the same review, complain about his art being anatomically correct and that he traces? Every artist has his quarks you apparently like a different style, maybe you should include the name of your favorite artist in your statement so we know where you are coming from.

spitsphyre - February 18, 2013

” and only in comic books are women’s hips wider than their shoulders”
Ok, I’m a woman who models sometimes and LOL-no! I know this comment is like five years old but seriously? They’re often times a half inch to an inch and a half wider OR MORE. It’s very rare for a woman’s hips to be NARROWER than the rest of her body because, uh, they’re built to have bebbies. And that’s hard when you have no space to carry or birth them.

2. yourfriendandy - January 25, 2009


I e-mailed you my thoughts.

Wow and thank you.



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