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Review of Secret Invasion 6 (4.5 stars) September 11, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t know how Bendis does it. Very little actually happens in this issue. As with every previous issue, there seem to be panels and pages that serve as nothing more than an ad for various tie-ins. And yet, this still manages to be a spectacular read. I’ll start off with the first thing I wondered: the Skrulls seem very happy that the heroes have the Wasp with them; what exactly was in the formula that “Hank” gave her back in Mighty Avengers 8? And why is Veranke so sure that it guarantees their victory, but wishes to use it only as a last resort?

Now concerning the new speech that the Skrulls made on all of our media, that was a brilliant move. I could see how many humans would be swayed to accept the Skrull’s promise of peace and prosperity. No matter how this story ends in two issues, the Skrulls will have still left a huge scar on Earth. Seriously, if we thought the aftermath of Civil War was big, the Skrull’s attack on Earth will definitely have much larger ramifications. And what is this Dark Reign that Marvel is hinting about?

Of course, the best part comes at the end (SPOILER WARNING), as Thor finally meets the new Captain America, and summons as many people as he can to make a last stand against the Skrull army. I won’t lie, seeing an army of heroes and villains united together to take on a legion of Skrulls caused my little nerd heart to almost burst with excitement. Once again, the parallels here between Secret Invasion and Civil War are amazing. Once more, the call of “Avengers Assemble!” is given to rally the troops, but it is no longer a war of ideas, now it is a war of survival. The battle begins on the final page, but this will not be fighting to disable, with a few accidental deaths, as occurred in CW, this is a battle to the death, and I expect the casualties to be high. (Oh, and I still think Dr. Strange will show up to pwn some Skrulls before this is all over.) Secret Invasion just may be Marvel’s most epic crossover yet.




1. Mory Buckman - September 11, 2008

I’m enjoying this crossover to a certain extent, but the entire thing feels held back. There was that whole build-up with Nick Fury’s guys, and then they just stand there and look cool for four issues. There was the whole “Oh my god, it’s Thor and Captain America”, and then they just stand there and chat. There was the whole “As Spider-Woman, I can cause the most damage.”, and then she just stands around and doesn’t take advantage of her identity. There was the whole build up of how powerful the Skrulls are with their superpowers, and then- have they killed a single non-wimpy character? I mean, seriously. They’re all over the world now, right? Big, organized invasion. And who have they successfully dealt with? Just Geldoff?! Moving on. They built up how “Anyone can be a Skrull!”, and then we get, um, four reveals. Bendis has been building up the supposed threat in the Savage Land since his first New Avengers story, and then when they get there it’s not paid off. He built up that something might still be up with The Illuminati, and then in this whole crossover we don’t see Dr. Strange or Xavier or Namor. And so on, and so on. When I saw the big splash page with everyone on it, I was disappointed that all the moving of chess pieces around the board leads to something which they could have started the story with. It seems like the only stories worth telling here are in the past, and the present is fluff. I wanted big things to happen, like President Bush turning out to be a Skrull or teams to totally fall apart out of mistrust or Skrulls conquering Iran or something. Instead it’s a bunch of people standing around and wasting time.

Now, I do like that the Skrulls came out and said: “You guys all suck. Join us, and together we will be the bestest of friends!”. And it makes perfect sense, given what’s come before, that lots of ordinary people would go along with them. But I wish Bendis had been more creative in how he’d shown that. This feels like a complete retread of World War Hulk, which did it better.

2. Mory Buckman - September 11, 2008

On second thought, I guess Secret Invasion couldn’t really give me everything I expect. After all, the whole thing takes place over what?- two hours, maybe? I’ll just have to hope Bendis pays this stuff off later.

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