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Review of Fantastic Four: True Story 2 (4 stars) September 10, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Hey, another day with nothing new to review! So, you now get a link to previous review by me from WCBR. For those who aren’t reading this (and you should be), Fantastic Four: True Story takes the FF to a place they’ve never gone before: the world of fiction. As a dark force seeks to control the world of human creativity, the FF must travel through some of literature’s most beloved novels to stop it. FF: True Story is certainly very different from the rest of the comics you are reading, but is just as certainly an entertaining story. It is written by Paul Cornell, who writes the current Captain Britain and the MI:13 series in addition to be a well known writer of the Dr. Who TV series. If you don’t plan on picking up the single issues, I at least encourage you to get the TPB when it comes out; this is not to be missed. Here is my review of issue two, and, for good measure, my review of issue one.




1. amy - September 20, 2008

fantastic 4 is a good film, the genre of this movie it is a action fantacy
i really enjoy the film when i was watching it because it made me feel I was in the film so i will congrage tim story because he was actualythe person that directed the film,and all his producers.

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