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Review of Amazing Spider-Man 571 (4.5 stars) September 9, 2008

Posted by lotrking in Comic Book Reviews.
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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Marvel has done it again! No, I’m not referring to delivering another spectacular chapter of New Ways to Die (which they have done), I’m referring to them using yet another false hope cover. To anyone who was hoping that Norman Osborn would return to his Green Goblin persona is these pages, you’re going to be severely disappointed. To top it all off, Peter and Norman don’t even fight in this issue. I realize that covers are supposed to attract readers, but don’t they realize that new readers will feel just as cheated as everyone else when they realize that the cover is just a gimmick?

Well, initial disappointment aside, this was yet another enthralling issue of New Ways to Die. Spider-Man is, ironically, saved from Anti-Venom as the Thunderbolts attack, while Norman proves to Menace that despite not wearing a suit nor flying a glider, he can still make a stand for himself. Returning to Anti-Venom, we learn that he does not have the weaknesses to high sonic frequencies or heat. As for Menace, we still do not learn who he is, but we finally see some motivation behind his attacks. And just to throw in some further character development, Harry finally shows that he has a backbone, and stops being the whiny snob that he’s been for most of Brand New Day.

Of course, the big shock comes at the end. Spider-Man, in his haste to escape Anti-Venom and the Thunderbolts, leaves his camera webbed on a ledge where it is discovered by Norman Osborn. Examining the photos, Norman is able to ascertain that Spidey’s spider chest symbol is always in the center, and must therefore contain a tracer for the camera. With the camera examined, he discovers this frequency and plans to use it to find Spider-Man. And who does he intend to capture him? Bullseye. As you can see, we get plenty of more action and story build up in the chapter. Where will it all end? We have two issues to find out…




1. Cook - September 9, 2008

I liked this movie very much, it is so cool. I tnink it was a good idea to put Fire Star in the X-MEN even though she wasn’t in the comics. The cast of X-MEN in this are Cyclops,Angel,Storm, and Wolverine. The villian is Juggernaut. In this episode Fire Star tells the story of her origin. I think it is a super, super hero episode. You ought to see it. I lked the part were Angelica gets revenge on Bonnie when she wrecks her doll house. Also when they fight the Juggernaut. I wish it could of been lke that on The Origin of The ICE MAN. I think the X-MEN are better than Spderman. Don’t get me wrong I do like Spiderman. I just like X-MEN better. I think that there should of been a longer scene with Magneto and the Sentinal. This has been a great episode, take my advice.

2. lotrking - September 9, 2008

Uhhh … what? 😐

3. draco - September 16, 2008

This is another indication of how low out of ideas Marvel has run out for Spider Man.
Let’s see: Norman Osborn in a suit facing off against the Menace? Diin’t Norman Osborn fight the Kingsley Hobgoblin 10 years ago in that same fashion with that stupid 5th Green Goblin thrown in the mix? Do we really need any more goblin like characters? Aren’t Norman, Harry, Phil Urich and Roderick Kingsley enough?
The Anti-Venom thing is somewhat interesting but I would rather Brock be back in the Venom suit soon because Mac Gargan was not an interesting replacement for him.
If Marvel had been smart, they would have given both the original Green Goblin and Hobgoblin equal attention and not killed off Ben Reilly and Ned Leeds-Two good guard characters that died crappy deaths. All of this would have made much better stories than the dreck we are being served now. Marvel needs to admit to themselves that they have run out of good ideas

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