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Review of Amazing Spider-Man 570 (4.5 stars) September 5, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

New Ways to Die, Chapter Three does nothing but build up an increasingly epic story. As Venom and Anti-Venom begin their brawl, Spider-Man enters the fray, and Anti-Venom discovers he has “cleansing powers” which he wants to use to kill the Venom symbiote. Much of the issue is a beautifully rendered fight scene (kudos to JR Jr!) with Norman Osborn observing and assessing.

There is however a quick break as Menace attacks the home of Bill Hollister. Call me crazy, but did anyone else see Menace’s Bennett-like qualities in this scene? For example, when Menace says: “And Bill? My Li’l Billy Boy? My Billy, that guy ain’t gonna be you!” was anyone else reminded of instances when Bennett said (about Peter): “My scoop-getter guy! My scoops! My scoopy!” or similar phrasing about Norman in part one of NWtD? (Though I don’t remember exactly what he said, and I’m too lazy to dig that issue out.) Note also that both Menace and Bennett are extremely anti-Hollister.

Anyway, moving back to the battle, as Anti-Venom and Spider-Man unite to take out Venom and Dan Slott pulls a fast one by inserting a dirty joke. (No Spider-Man, I don’t want to know what you’re doing to Venom. What happened to don’t ask, don’t tell?) As awesome as it was to see these two once arch-rivals team up against one of their greatest enemies, am I the only one hoping that they didn’t really kill the Venom symbiote, like it appears they did? I mean, killing Carnage was one thing (besides, it looked extremely cool to see the Sentry tear him in half) but killing the original symbiote? Please tell me that didn’t just happen!

And as if that’s not enough, Anti-Venom throws a new conundrum at us. As he attempts to purge Peter of the remaining bits of the symbiote that he apparently still carries, he also discovers that Peter has irradiated blood, and decides to cleanse that as well, despite Peter’s begging cry not to. Yes, we’ve had “Spider-Man’s lost his powers in the middle of a big fight, now what’s he gonna do” storylines before, but I for one am dubious as to how Peter’s gonna get himself out of this mess. Oh and the final panel of Norman meeting Menace? Priceless. I echo my words of last week: do NOT wait for the TPB, get this NOW.




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