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Review of Invincible Iron Man 5 (4.5 stars) September 3, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Well, we finally got it, the epic battle between Iron Man and Iron Man 2.0 occurs within these pages, and to those who complained about the Iron Man/Iron Monger fight in the movie, this is definitely more satisfying. But I’m jumping ahead of myself, the beginning gives us a nice refresher on Iron Man history, by telling us the history of Stark Industries via a tour that Zeke is taking (along with other civilians). This serves as just another example of Fraction’s ability to integrate movie fans smoothly by telling them how Stark Industries has evolved from the weapons manufacturer displayed in the film, while remaining relevant to the story and not seeming like a rehash.

In the midst of this tour, the focus jumps to Tony who begins an evacuation of the four Stark facilities where Zeke’s tech was detected last issue. Tony, who has gone to the Long Island location, hopes he has picked the right one and goes on the hunt for Zeke. Meanwhile in Valencia, Spain, the evacuation is not quick enough, and the bombers there detonate themselves, taking some fifty remaining civilians and workers with them.

MAJOR SPOILERS IN THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH: As the tables turn and Zeke finds Tony, the earlier mentioned brawl begins. Larroca and D’Armata deliver some of their best artwork yet as the two high tech enemies display the full extent of their power. This isn’t the “Tony still getting used to the armor and Obadiah’s trial run” battle of the movie. This is two experienced fighters with some of the highest evolved tech fighting to the death. And death seemingly comes for Tony. Given, this is obviously a trick, because I don’t think Marvel is going to kill off one of their major superheroes so soon after a) they’re still working on Captain America’s Death storyline and b) Iron Man just became one of America’s favorite superheroes after his highly successful movie. But exactly how Iron Man has eluded death is something I can’t wait to discover next issue.

THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH IS SPOILER-FREE: There is still time to jump on this series! If you loved the movie, and are looking to start reading comics: this series is the perfect place to start (hey, it’s working for my nephew!) Despite being in the middle of an arc, this issue still serves fairly well for jumping on, though picking up the first four issues is recommended, if possible. I’ve said it at least a dozen times, and I’ll say it again: if you enjoyed the movie or comics in general: you need to be reading this. If you enjoy both, there is something seriously wrong with you if you aren’t reading this already! If IIM can keep this up, it might just take Avengers: The Initiative’s spot in my monthly top three!




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