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Review of Secret Invasion 5 (4.5 stars) August 14, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Oh, heck yeah! I’d say this issue is the perfect example of why Reed Richards is insanely awesome, but he isn’t the only one who gets the spotlight (though it does look like he’s going to “save the day” in the end). There is absolutely nothing to complain in this issue, as every page is full to the bursting with great story. We begin in Colorado, where Norman Osborn talks Captain Marvel into fighting for the humans. Next, we move to Nick Fury’s hideout where he has taken all the (superhero) survivors of the NYC battle. Here, as they decide what to do next, they witness the Skrulls flooding the television with news of their victory and the fact that Earth is now under the control of the Skrull Empire.

The book really heats up as we head into space. Agent Brand (who I’ve never heard of before Secret Invasion) uses her smarts to launch all the Skrulls in the mothership into space. I’m not sure if she is a new character created for Secret Invasion, or if she has been around for some time, but I instantly became a fan. As she frees Reed Richards, his first act is to render her unconscious, and test her DNA. (Never make this man angry, at first I thought he snapped her neck!) As Brand awakes, she and Reed direct the ship to the Savage Land to pick up the other heroes while Reed develops a machine to expose the Skrulls.

I’ve never liked Maria Hill. She’s dictatorial and arrogant. But even she earned some respect from me this time around, as she tricks the Skrulls (Remember in Mighty Avengers 12 when Nick Fury advised her to use Life Model Decoys? She took his advice.) and blows up the helicarrier with all the Skrulls (including Jarvis) still aboard.

Finally, as Reed and Brand arrive in the Savage Land, Reed activates his machine, and it is revealed that ALL of the “heroes” on the crashed Skrull ship were indeed Skrulls. Yes, even Bobbi. (I’ll admit, that surprised me.) The true heroes make quick work of these imposters (Reed actually does get to snap “Sue’s” neck) and Clint, enraged that the Skrulls could know Bobbi so intimately as to make a convincing copy, swears to kill every single Skrull. Well, now that we know that all the “shippies” were fakes, that still does not ensure that any of their off-ship counterparts are NOT Skrulls. Indeed, I still think that either Luke or Jessica Jones is a sleeper Skrull. Anyway, this series is picking up even more momentum. If you aren’t reading this yet, you don’t know what you are missing.

Oh, and one other random question that I have know idea why it popped into my head, where is Frank Castle in all of this, surely he would have made an appearance shooting Skrulls in the head by now?




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