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Review of Amazing Spider-Man 567 (4 stars) August 12, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Let’s get the big stuff out of the way first. SPOILER WARNING: the new Kraven is … *drumroll* … the original Kraven’s daughter. Mehh, nothing too surprising, and it makes perfect sense. The only thing I want to know, didn’t the son of Kraven make more than one appearance? Whatever happened to him, and does he have the same mother as this new Kraven? In the mail page, Steve Wacker promises that we will get an answer eventually (I sure hope so!) and we are promised that this arc will have big ramifications later. If nothing else, the Braintrust does a remarkably good job at letting a story build up for a long time. I can think of at least four or five running plot threads that could lead into an entire storyarc, and probably will eventually. This, of course, is exactly how a good Spider-Man run should be (see the 70s and 80s for examples). Did I just compliment Brand New Day? Maybe. But I still want the marriage back.

The other disappointment of this issue came after Spidey rescued Vin and later attempted to explain why there was a Spider-Man costume in Vin’s apartment. He said he planted such costumes as decoys to lead people off the trail of his secret identity when people came to close to the truth. Sure, Vin may not have suspicions about Pete anymore, but couldn’t he have thought of a much better solution to the problem? I mean, Vin already hates him, did he have to go and make Spider-Man look like a total scumbag? I dunno, this part just bothers me since it seemed like a rather drastic method to secure one’s secret identity.

Despite these complaints, most of the issue was thoroughly enjoyable. Vermin finally seems like an interesting character again. Guggenheim shows his mastery of providing dialogue for an extended fight scene. And Phil Jimenez is a genius. In my eyes, Jimenez is the definitive Spider-Man artist. I can’t describe what makes him so good, but every time I see him draw Spider-Man, it brings a smile to my face. Marvel needs to utilize him as much as possible. This arc has definitely been the best so far since the reboot, even if the ending was somewhat of a let down. Still, having said that, I’m eagerly awaiting the New Ways to Die that next week will bring!




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