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Review of Thor 10 (4 stars) August 5, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

After four straight issues of a 4.5 rating, Thor 10 takes a quick break from “insane awesomeness.” While this issue may have been a tad bit slower than the last few, it still provided for a very entertaining read. Before I dive into the specifics of the story, I need to point out what may or may not be a significant clue. Throughout the entire first page, every panel features the same sparrow traveling along. The last time JMS did something similar to this was the bird that was seen throughout One More Day that turned out to be Mephisto. Now I’m not saying that this bird is Mephisto, especially because he wasn’t a sparrow in OMD (and I certainly hope JMS doesn’t use Mephisto any more, as far as I’m concerned, I’d be happy to never see that character again), but unless he randomly wanted Coipel to show a bird, this could be significant. It can’t be Loki either as she is later seen in Asgard in the same scene. So I really don’t know what to think. Anyone else out there have any ideas/theories?

Anyway, moving on, Balder at first is in disbelief at Loki’s statement of his true heritage, but as Loki relates the story we learn that Balder’s mother, Frigga, won the affections of Odin at a feast. When she bore him a son, this should have been a time of celebration, but because Odin had been fraught with ill-omened dreams, he decided to seek answers. On his quest, he learns (after accidentally causing the birth of vampires, of all things!) that Balder will assure the continuance of Asgard and Odin’s line as long as he always dies during Ragnarok, but if he is killed before Ragnarok, then Asgard will be lost and Odin’s line broken. Of course, Odin then decided to keep Balder’s true nature a secret to protect both Balder and Asgard.

As Loki surely hoped, this leads to a confrontation between Balder and Thor when Balder wishes to know why he was not told the truth when Ragnarok was no longer possible. Thor, failing to find a sufficient answer, asks forgiveness and assures Balder that everything was done with his best interest in mind. While Balder forgives him, this has likely driven a small wedge into their relationship, which I’m assuming was Loki’s original intent. Whatever her plan is, she also “tricks” Thor into telling everyone about Balder’s true nature by throwing a celebration to recognize his heritage. I’m guessing that Loki’s plan will likely involve usurping Thor’s throne. One, because she has presented a second heir, and two, she has been sowing seeds of doubt amongst the Asgardians of Thor’s leadership capabilities. How far away can a coup be, I wonder? Loki’s plan may be slowly building, but I am more than content to wait and see all the little facets develop.




1. nickdtylawsky - September 23, 2008

While I couldn’t possibly be angry or upset at either Coipel or JMS, this is the second “filler” issue in a row. I must admit that this is the first time I have ever cared about what happens to Balder the Brave. JMS has done a great job making his story interesting, and Coipel never fails to make a character visually wonderful. In past series of Thor, plots that strayed from the thunder god and focused on any of the inumerable Asgardian gods annoyed me greatly. I can only ask that Coipel and Straczynski deliver us more Thor-driven plots in the immediate future.

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