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(Another) IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT July 26, 2008

Posted by lotrking in Other Random Stuff.

As it turns out, through a long story (which I will not relate) I am NOT moving at the end of this month, and may not be moving at all. As such, Casual Saturdays will return next week (when they were supposed to return anyway). As for linking to my WCBR reviews, I have decided to continue doing that. Why? Well, between this blog and WCBR I’ve found that all of my free time is being taken up by comics. Much as I love comics, I really need to use some of my free time for other things. That said, you’ll notice the new feature I’ve employed over the last week while linking to WCBR, namely “Quick Spoilers.” These are for those of you who read my reviews for opinions of content AND spoilers of the issue. Since WCBR does not allow spoilers, this will still enable you to read a review and find out the highlights of this issue. Also, keep in mind that I won’t be doing this for every issue I review, I’m going to try to go 50/50 between fresh reviews here and links to WCBR.

Thanks for your understanding. Also, if anyone has any questions or suggestions for improvements you want to see to this blog, please leave a comment below or email me: email.LOTRKing@gmail.com




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