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Review of Uncanny X-Men 499 (3 stars) July 8, 2008

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Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars

If nothing else, at least we are done with hippies. This issue follows suit from every other in this arc: hippie part, less than interesting, Russian part: lots of cool fighting with awesome art. This time around, the “cool fighting” sequence pits Wolverine, Colossus, and Nightcrawler against Omega Red. Dialogue is kept to a minimum. Luckily Mike Choi does all of the art for these sequences, as he maintains his usual level of greatness. Seriously, this guy needs to do a major crossover event, or become a permanent artist somewhere, because his work is just that good. Going back to the story, the fight is eventually won by Nightcrawler teleporting really high with Red and allowing him to fall to the ground, thus rendering him unconscious. A bit of a weak ending, I realize, but if nothing else the fight with Choi’s art is worth the cover price.

The hippie scene was also mostly fighting, though no where near as good because it was drawn by newcomer Ben Oliver. His art isn’t bad, but it is certainly no Choi. This one has a fairly weak ending as well, as Scott and Emma eventually find Martinique and shut her down, but not before she mysteriously vanishes. It looks as though she was saved by another female mutant, who invites her to the “Sisterhood” (presumably of evil mutants). The only thing important to come out of this issue is the revelation why the X-Men are moving to San Fran: Angel saves the mayor and she offers them residence. Yup, that’s it. Overall, this has been a weak issue ending to a weak storyline. The only thing keeping this from 2.5 stars is Choi’s art. Still, Brubaker teaming with Fraction for the monumental issue 500 next month has me excited, hopefully the stories will be stronger, and most importantly, no hippies!




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