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Review of Captain America 39 (3.5 stars) July 4, 2008

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Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Happy Independence Day! What a coincidence (and it really is a coincidence) that I’m reviewing the newest issue of Captain America on July 4th. This issue sees things slow down a bit, as we see more build up of various plot points. First it shows “Bad Cap” as he stops a fake assassination attempt on Senator Wright and afterwards makes a speech endorsing the candidate. Of course, this sends the media into a frenzy, one because they think Cap is back, two because they think he is officially endorsing the senator. Once again, we see just how deep and well thought out Red Skull’s diabolical plan is. With only three issues left until the end of the epic “Death of Captain America” storyline, I can’t wait to see how James will stop these plans from coming to fruition, and what the aftershocks will be.

James kind of takes second stage this time around, as he mostly just observes these actions and discusses them with the Falcon. His main contribution to the story doesn’t come until the very end where he decides to sneak into Senator Wright’s hotel room in order to get more info, only to realize that he has been set up, and that the only person in the room is “Bad Cap.” This is where that storyline leaves off, and it looks like we will finally get the inevitable Cap vs. Cap fight next time around.

On Sharon’s side of things, we see the she has been bound to a hospital bed and is in the same room as a recovering Sin. Sin threatens her the whole time that she is recovering, and as Sin is finally released and looks as though she might carry out her threats, we see that Sharon has broken free. She quickly subdues Sin and, holding a scalpel to her jugular, commands Sin to take her to her clothes and then out of the complex. So while all of this was mostly set up for the next time, it is still an essential read if you have been following Captain America up ‘til now. That said, an entire issue of set up makes the resolution that much more satisfying, and it looks as if next issue will be worth the wait.

In conclusion, a quick comment on the art: I realize that Steve Epting can’t do every issue, but where are his normal replacements, Mike Perkins or Butch Guice? Rob de la Torre doesn’t suck, but his art certainly does not come from the same mold as the other three and when people read this as a trade, I think they will find the lack of consistency in art a bit jarring. Well, hopefully Epting (or at least Perkins or Guice) will be back next time.




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