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Review of Mighty Avengers 15 (3 stars) July 3, 2008

Posted by lotrking in Comic Book Reviews.
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Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This issue probably has the shortest summary ever: Hank Pym, in Britain shortly after Avengers: Disassembled, is left by Jan after she has a drunken episode, and hooks up with a young and beautiful student. The student seduces him, finds out all about him, reveals herself to be a Skrull, and replaces him. Much later, we learn that the Ultron attack from MA 1-5 revealed to the Skrull’s Tony Stark’s weakness (Iron Man is now biological) and that Hank’s “growth formula present” to Jan in issue 8 is something ominous.

Well, maybe not quite as short as I thought, it sounded shorter in my head, but still pretty short for a full-length comic. The majority of the issue was Hank getting questioned by the Skrull with large amounts of almost-nudity that should never be in an “A-rated” comic. Seriously Marvel, if Fantastic Four had to be bumped up to T+ for less sexuality than is often found in either Avengers title, why are they both still rated A? Anyway, really short review today, partially because of yesterday’s announcement, and partially because there wasn’t much to review. In summary: if you don’t normally follow Avengers or Secret Invasion, there is no reason to pick this up, otherwise you may or may not want to depending on how much of a “completist” you are.




1. just saying - July 6, 2008

A three strikes me as a bit generous. How is it that Hank and Jan are apparently remarried? (The skrull thinks they are, Hank says they are just separated, and Jan says he’s soon to be her ex.)!!

2. lotrking - July 6, 2008

Good point. Perhaps they got remarried in Britain? Or *gasp* maybe Bendis is a Skrull?! 😉


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