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Semi-bad news friends! I’m moving! And seeing how much crap I’ve collected here over the years, it’ll take a while to pack it up. That said, I won’t have as much time to do blogging and reviewing as I do now. So, for the next month or so, I may regularly link to a review of mine on Weekly Comic Book Review instead of writing a fresh one here. As the days until the actual move grow closer, I will likely do this more often. In fact, if I pretty much agree with someone else’s review on WCBR, I just may link to that. I know this may be annoying for those of you who enjoy reading my spoilers (it saves you from having to buy the issue), but this is pretty much my only option. And besides, it’s only for a little over a month. Despite frequent linkage, I’ll still try my hardest to have a new post Mondays through Fridays (even if it is just a link). My goal is to have this site up and running at full capacity again by August 11th or sooner. Likewise, I am cancelling my “Casual Saturdays” column until then, but it too will return. For now I will continue “Flashback” on Mondays, but I may have to postpone those eventually.

This announcement takes effect immediately. I appreciate your guys’ patience during this stressful time for me, believe me I want it to be over just as much as you do already, and I’ve barely even started!




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