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Review of Amazing Spider-Man 563 (3.5 stars) June 17, 2008

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Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

First off, that has got to be the funniest cover. Ever. If you can’t read the captions on the small picture above, click here for a full sized picture.

Gale almost redeems himself this time for the letdown that was last issue. How? This issue was just plain hilarious, that’s how. While I can see how some might find this issue to be cheesy, I thought it was a fresh break in programming to devote a week entirely to laughs. We pick up right where we left off with Spidey in a bar full of villains, the inevitable brawl ensues before the bartender breaks it up, noting that his bar is a safe-haven from cops, and that Spidey definitely is no friend of the cops. Spider-Man quickly gets the info he is looking for as he learns where the Bookie lives (Jersey of all places!)

Cue funniness as Spidey meets the Bookie’s father and learns that the Bookie has been kidnapped by the Enforcers, and is convinced to take the father with him. As the dad and Spidey share all kinds of goofy remarks on the “transit” there, the Enforcers, on Coney Island, hook the Bookie up to various rides in order to “teach him a lesson.” When Spider-Man arrives, various fights result, and we get plenty of classic Spidey humor as all of the characters interact with one another and the story of what is really going on is slowly revealed. This story takes so many twists and turns (like a carnival ride, which I’m assuming was the intent), that it is hard to accurately summarize, but it should be enough to simply say, as I already have, there is plenty here to keep you chuckling. Anyone who needs a good laugh, pick this up.




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