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Review of Amazing Spider-Man 562 (2.5 stars) June 11, 2008

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Overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

This issue was fairly entertaining, except for the fact that it was a big cop out, but I’ll get to that later. It starts showing that ramifications of Peter being “blacklisted” by Bennett as he is still unable to find a job before quickly reintroducing us to the Bookie, and his normal hideaway The Bar with No Name. Here we see that a Z-list villain, named the Basher, is challenging Spider-Man to a duel using You-Tube. The Bookie takes bets on whether Spidey will show up, and several outcomes if he does. I’ll admit, this Bookie character was starting to seem rather interesting, but we soon learn that he is fixing the bet to make money, but once again, I’m jumping ahead of myself.

Eventually the story moves forward to Peter watching the scene where the Basher has challenged Spider-Man, just to make sure nothing happens, and having no intention to make an appearance as Spidey. Soon, another Spider-Man shows up on the scene and knocks out the Basher. What with foreshadowing earlier in the issue, Peter’s line of thinking, and heck, fairly frequent advertising of this issue in other Marvel mags, it seemed like we would finally find out something about the Spider-Tracer Killer mystery. Nope. Turns out this Spidey is actually Screwball (Yup, the lamest super-villain of the year is back! Just what you’ve all been waiting for!) whose bail was paid by the Bookie in exchange for her dressing up like Spidey and fighting Basher just so the Bookie could “cash in” on his bet.

Cheap, very cheap. I can understand the “Braintrust” wanting to keep the suspense about the STK building so when that storyline does come about it is shocking and revealing, but they can’t tease us by practically telling us the mystery will begin to be solved, especially by hinting this issue is going to be important through mass advertising just to cheat us in the end. That is low. This is truthfully the first issue of Brand New Day that I was actually eagerly awaiting to read, but I feel severely let down.

As a standalone issue, it wasn’t too bad. In fact, for the first half, I was quite entertained, Gale is probably my favorite writer out of the Braintrust (I love Freak, he’s my favorite new Spidey villain since Morlun), and his writing here was strong, I wouldn’t mind seeing him take over Spidey full time (with Phil Jiminez in tow!), but I still can’t help feeling a little cheated. It’d be as if a LOST commercial promised: “Next week, learn all the secrets of The Monster!” only to reveal in that episode that “The Monster” is also the name of Dharma station that was nothing but a spare parts storage facility. Hopefully next week, I’ll have put my disappointment aside and be able to enjoy Spidey taking on a bar full of villains.




1. Deamentia - June 11, 2008

ASM was decent this week. Too much unneeded dialogue though.

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