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Review of Secret Invasion 3 (4.5 stars) June 5, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

After a slight drop in quality last issue, we go back to full-fledged awesomeness this time. First, we get three brief scenes in succession. Jarvis arrives on the crashed helicarrier and asks Maria Hill for surrender. (Anyone else find this cool yet comical to see an unarmed “old man” ask a helicarrier full of highly trained people to surrender?) Next we see Norman Osborn attempt to confront “Captain Marvel” to stop his attack on Thunderbolt Mountain. Lastly, we see that no one at Camp Hammond has any idea what is going on before “Yellowjacket” rallies the troops and tells them what is going on. (What could be his motivation for doing so, I wonder?)

Finally we enter the all out war as the Super-Skrulls fight the Young Avengers and the Initiative. As hard as our heroes seem to fight, the Skrulls continue to give them the beat down, with Wiccan and Hulkling getting heavily injured in the battle. From here, the scene cuts to the Savage Land where “Spider-Woman” runs into Echo and we get a line of pure evil: Echo – “I’m not a Skrull!” S.W. – “I know.” and Spider-Woman proceeds to give her a severe beating, I’m not sure if she’s just heavily injured, but it looks like Spider-Woman may have even killed her. The next scene is undoubtedly the best as “Jessica” plays a mind game with Tony (or BMB plays a mind game with us, if you prefer) as she thanks him for all his hard work and sacrifice, and tells him he will go down in history as the greatest Skrull hero. Tony, of course, is freaking out because he is convinced he’s not a Skrull, but Jessica assures him that that is what he was meant to think. (Of course he’s actually not, do you really think Marvel would make one of their most popular characters a Skrull? Especially right after he just had an insanely awesome movie come out?)

The scene shifts back to NYC as we see the Super-Skrulls pwn all of our heroes, killing Vision and Proton in the process. Just as they are about to kill Annex, one of the Super-Skrulls explodes, and the next thing we see is Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos, come to save the day. (Sweet!) Not only was this issue more action packed than last time, we also get to see the tides turn in the NYC battle twice. I can even say I enjoyed Yu’s art this time around (though I still wish it was less line-y and angular), as I must admit, his Super-Skrulls are just plain awesome. As for Nick Fury and his new team, I can’t wait until next time when we get to see him kick some Skrull butt. Secret Invasion is in full swing, and I can’t wait to see where Bendis takes us next!

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