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Review of Uncanny X-Men 498 (3 stars) May 28, 2008

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Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This issue was really just more of the same. It opens with a flashback a few days after M-Day, where some aging hippies stumble upon a woman unconscious on the sidewalk. They offer to help her and she mentions something about “not seeing them” before she de-ages the hippies and they realize they she is special. Slowly, her influence spreads to the “hippification” of San Francisco. We eventually learn that her name is Martinique. I’m not sure if that is supposed to be an important person from the X-past, but at least it tells me that she is not Scarlet Witch.

The story then jumps back to the Red Room where Logan is being tortured in attempts to get Piotr to talk. Piotr remains silent so the director threatens to kill Kurt. Kurt is able to teleport away just in time (but not before getting severely shocked) and free Logan. Of course, this leads to another all-out-brawl as these three attempt to escape (the last few issues may have featured these three in a fight, but with Choi’s beautiful artwork, this hasn’t gotten old yet). Just as it looks that they might make it out, they run into Omega Red.

We then are taken back to San Francisco where Scott and Emma run into Warpath, Iceman, Hepzibah, and Angel who are all under the control of the Goddess to stop them at any cost. Perhaps to further serve as a hippie annoyance, we learn the new “Hippie Names” of these characters: Running Sun, Frosty, Lady Kitten, and Angel (yup, it stays the same). Anyone else find the fact that we had to be told their new hippie names incredibly cheesy? Anyway, I realize this is a somewhat short review, but it was a quick read and can be summed up exactly like last month: hippies are annoying, fights are fun, art is spectacular. Hopefully with the conclusion next month, we’ll get a much more satisfying issue.




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