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Review of Amazing Spider-Man 560 (3 stars) May 27, 2008

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Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Well, this certainly was an improvement over last issue, but it was still nothing spectacular. It opens with Paper Doll killing the waitress (the one that Bobby Carr struck last issue) in an extremely creepy way before we see more confrontations between Peter and Bobby, more of JJJ’s post-heart attack angst, and more of Harry’s disgust with Pete’s new line of work. We finally get back to the interesting stuff as the police discover the flattened body of the victim, with Vin, Al, and Carlie on the scene. If anything, these three characters (along with Freak) are my favorite thing to come out of BND, as the cops constant bickering about Spidey provides for a lot of humor. Also, despite my original comments on her similarities to Deb Whitman, Carlie is actually an interesting character. I realize she is supposed to be a love interest for Peter (and when that storyline finally happens, I may cease liking her), but a genius C.S.I. babe? It’s not hard to see why Vin has a crush on her.

As the story moves on, we see that Robbie feels guilty for the death of the waitress, as it was the DB photos that made her famous. He tries to rub this guilt off on Pete, and Pete reluctantly watches over a fellow photographer named Frankie Collins who he also recently photographed being assaulted by Carr. This is another annoying example of Peter’s recent lack of responsibility, he seemed to feel almost no remorse for the waitress’ death even though he partially had a hand in it! (Not to mention my already existing annoyance that he has become another member of the soulless sleaze-bucket paparazzi society!)

The climatic scene shows a fight between Paper Doll and Spidey as he fights to protect Frankie from being attacked. This scene was easily the most enjoyable, because it shows just how creepy Paper Doll is, though at the same time, reminds what makes her character so irritating. In a vacuum, Paper Doll is an extremely interesting and frightening character. She can flatten herself and “chameleon” herself onto walls, and can kill people by completely flattening (not crushing) them, not to mention her Edgar-Allen-Poe-poem-come-to-life look. But despite all of these cool attributes, she still is nothing but an extreme fangirl with a crush on a movie star. She is acting likely a really immature twelve year old girl. That’s not amusing, it’s stupid and annoying.

Finally at the end, we get the moment that we’ve been waiting for was Bobby Carr’s mystery girl is revealed to be: Mary Jane Watson! Now I could complain about the fact that her character had evolved to a deep character that was a loving wife to Peter has returned to her trashy, sleep with an ego-centric, moronic movie persona. Or the fact that Marcos Martin draws her horribly. But, instead I’m just going to be glad that she is finally back, because the return of MJ is one step closer to the return of the marriage (albeit a small one).




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