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Review of Mighty Avengers 14 (4 stars) May 21, 2008

Posted by lotrking in Comic Book Reviews.
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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Sentry, but only when he is done right (which is why I loved World War Hulk). Lately, Bendis has just been using him as a big Deus Ex Machina, so I’ve been rather annoyed, but finally my faith has been (somewhat) restored. The story opens with a Sentry flashback to before the “forgetting” showing Bob’s first run in with the Skrulls who at this time were launching an attack on the Baxter Building. Bob stops them and is injured in the explosion, later to be saved by Reed. We then jump ahead to before the Civil War where Skrull-Jarvis collects information about the Sentry and presents it to the other Skrulls who debate what they should do about him. After a while, they come to the conclusion that there really is nothing to do, and they just have to hope that his insanity will keep him out of their plans.

Finally, the story jumps to the battle being fought in Secret Invasion 2 where the Skrull-Vision morphs into the Void to essentially scare Bob away. Bob is so frightened at the thought that he is causing the Skrull invasion that he flies to the rings of Saturn just to be alone. A lot of people may take this as a sign of weakness and “wussiness” and be annoyed, but I see this as another great example of his character. To me, the Sentry is an extreme example of what a Marvel character could be. Back in the days of Stan Lee, he tried to make Marvel characters more interesting by giving them flaws, how much more flawed and interesting can you get that by making potentially the most powerful person on the planet extremely mentally unbalanced? We didn’t know the Scarlet Witch was crazy, her actions seemingly came out of no where, but in the case of Bob, we know he’s insane and that he’s a ticking time bomb. As the Skrulls note, Tony does not know what to do with Bob, so he’s doing his best to make sure that he never reaches a “Disassembled” level threat. Call me crazy (pun intended), but I find this extremely compelling.

The very last thing we see is the Skrull attack in New York as a Super-Skrull invades the Watchtower and is about to attack Lindy when a shadowed caped figure flies in and beats the crap out of the Skrull. It is then revealed that the Void has returned, he claims he is here to do that which Bob cannot, and he intends to protect Lindy. It looks as though the Void may actually do something good for a change, and with any luck we may see him help to turn the tides in Secret Invasion.




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