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Review of The Twelve 5 (3.5 stars) May 19, 2008

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Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

While not as spectacular as the last few issues, this one still remained entertaining. It begins at a diner as we finally learn the origin of the Witness, while a little cheesy, it maintains the 1940s flavor of all the other origin stories, and gives a lot of insight into his character. It then shows him “witness” the death of an old Auschwitz guard as he is hit by a bus. The next scene further complicates the tensions between Dynamic Man and Captain Wonder, and it takes Fiery Mask to prevent an all out brawl between the two (which would have been fun to watch, too bad he had to step it! 😉 )

Next, it looks as though we may finally get some progression in Electro’s story, as the government is trying to get more information about him from the creator’s daughter, and she is reluctant to give it. I still think Electro will go haywire and be the one to start attacking the rest of the Twelve, so perhaps the government will try to figure out his workings alone, and only make things worse.

We then get a somewhat cheesy from Blue Blade as he auditions for his own television show, but the cheesiness was acceptable simply because that is what his character is (which is why no one likes him). This scene is also one of the two that shows the vast differences between today and the 40s. The other shows Captain Wonder attempting to give a motivational speech to high-schoolers, only to give them irrelevant information. Dynamic Man talks to him afterward, and we finally learn the reason why he is being such a jerk: he cannot handle this new world either, so he keeps busy saving lives to keep his mind off of what a horror this new world is, and has encouraged Captain Wonder to do the same, in order to help put his mind at ease.

The very last thing we see is that Laughing Mask’s registered guns have presented him with a problem: apparently back in the 40s he killed a mobster and his present immunity does not apply to past crimes, so he is arrested. This is certainly something I did not see coming, but it continues with the theme of how the past continues to affect the lives of the Twelve. So while this issue was mainly just more of the same, the characters, writing, and art still manage to be interesting and we will hopefully get more development next time.




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