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Review of Secret Invasion 2 (4 stars) May 15, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

While not as “revealing” as last issue, this one still certainly entertained. It starts with the “real” Avengers facing the Skrull ship heroes, each side just as confused as the other. It isn’t long before fighting ensues, and the battle is quickly interrupted by a T-Rex (Darn Savage Land dinosaurs, always complicatin’ things! 😉 ) which causes everyone to disperse. Among this chaos, Ms. Marvel is able to take Iron Man away to safety in an abandoned Savage Land lab, where he plans to start from scratch and recreate a less computer-dependant armor to attack the Skrulls. (Skrull-Buster Armor, anyone?) He also commands Carol to leave him, and rally whoever is left on the mainland that can be trusted. This leads me to think there will be three rounds of “cavalry” to help defeat the Skrulls. First, there’ll be Carol and whoever she rounds up, next will Nick Fury and his new team, and lastly we’ll get Skrull-Buster Iron Man.

Our last scenes from the Savage Land show that Skrull-Ship Hawkeye and Spider-Man (who are now dead) were definitely Skrulls. “Real” Wolverine attempts to kill Mockingbird, but Clint stops him after she shares a fact that only the real Mockingbird could have known. This pretty much confirms at least some of the people on the Skrull ship were real. The final scene of the issue shows the Skrulls invading NYC, and out of the ship comes at least a dozen awesome looking Super-Skrulls (with Wolverine/Colossus/Cyclops being the coolest of the bunch).

I realize that’s a pretty short summary, but this issue was really more action than story. Don’t get me wrong, the action was definitely entertaining, but I really wish the plot would have progressed more. Hopefully we’ll get more next issue. Yu’s art is certainly getting better, I can actually tell what is going on in the action scenes, and as mentioned earlier, the Super-Skrulls were amazing. Who knows, I may end up finally liking his art. (*Gasp!*) The only thing that annoyed about this issue was Skrull-Ship Cage’s constant use of the phrase “Word!” Unless they are trying to give him modern lingo to prove that he is a Skrull, he shouldn’t be using that phrase. (Indeed, Bendis seems to overuse that phrase in everything he writes, he really needs a new catchphrase.)




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