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Concerning Invincible Iron Man and Daredevil….. May 14, 2008

Posted by lotrking in Comic Book Stuff.
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I, like everyone else who loved May 2nd’s Iron Man movie, have been swept up in Iron Man-ia. I’ve always been interested in his character, but now I want more. Because of this, I, once again like many others, am going to be picking up the new Invincible Iron Man series, written for this very purpose: to draw in the movie lovers. However, I really can’t afford a new ongoing right now, so picking it up will be at the expense of another series: namely Daredevil. Why? Well, while I may think Brubaker’s ending to the last arc may have been beautifully tragic and Daredevil is certainly an interesting character, I’m just not sure if I am interested enough in Daredevil to stick with him through the long run, especially since I’ve never been a huge fan of noir stories (a storyline here or there may be interesting, but I’m not sure I could read noir every month and maintain interest). On a business note, if anyone is interested in my small Daredevil collection (99-106 + 2007 Annual) it is on sale here on eBay. 😉

So why don’t I drop something that I don’t really enjoy, say Amazing Spider-Man? Well, I think the reasons detailed here give a pretty good summing up why I picked ASM back up to begin with, but as I also mentioned there, I am a “completist”, and since I have GitCorps’ “Complete Collection DVD-Rom”s of Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, and Uncanny X-Men, those are four titles that are never in danger of being dropped. Anything else I read, however, may be dropped at any time. Heck, I was originally going to drop Captain America after the “Death of Captain America” arc, which should be ending in the next few issues, but since I just ordered the Captain America by Brubaker Omnibus, I’m going to go ahead and stick around at least as long as Brubaker is in charge. On the other hand, I really don’t think I’m going to be picking anything else up in the coming months, and if I do it will be at the expense of something else. The only exception would be for a Silver Surfer ongoing, I’d make room for it somehow. This also goes for any new mini-series, I’m going to wait until TPB, with the exception of The Twelve and Secret Invasion, which I have already started. And speaking of TPBs, I’m going to pick up the World War Hulk TPB tomorrow, so you can expect a review at WCBR in a few days.

And speaking of WCBR ( 😉 ), I just thought I would explain something about my reviews there, as you may see reviews of issues in a mini, or occasionally reviews from a series I don’t read, that are written by me over there. This is because, through WCBR I am able to download advance digital copies of comics (this is legal, they have a deal with Marvel) in order to review them in advance. (Don’t worry, I delete them when I’m done. 😉 ) So through this, I’ll probably still read Daredevil and you may want to check over there for DD reviews. So why don’t I use this method to read Invincible Iron Man? Well, for reasons detailed above, IIM seems like a more interesting ongoing to invest money in than DD.

Now that I’ve ranted and babbled, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program with a review of Secret Invasion #2 tomorrow…..




1. Gloria - May 16, 2008

Personally, I’d drop Spidey in favour of DD without second thoughts.

However, since I don’t read Spidey, I just won’t try Iron Man ;p

2. Christine - May 16, 2008

OMG! I can’t believe you’re dropping DD (I really liked your reviews so it’s good if they keep coming)! Now that Bru was finally going to start putting his life back together again (I hope…). Just out of curiosity, what makes you less than completely sold on the character? I’m curious since I’m thinking of doing a post about that on my Daredevil blog one of these days (i.e. ask around on the comic forums to find out what reasons people give for not liking the character – as there are many who do not – and then analyze the results). Anyway, have fun reading Iron Man! 🙂

3. lotrking - May 16, 2008

As I said, it is not so much that I don’t like Daredevil, he’s certainly interesting, but I’m just much more caught up in the Iron Man buzz. Also, when I first picked up Daredevil, I thought, “Hey, here’s a cool character whose history I can delve into, and who has plenty of crime and dark soul-searching stuff.” But as I researched more into Murdock’s history, I realized I wasn’t as interested as I thought I would be, and I’ve never really been a big fan of the noir and “dark soul-searching stuff,” sure, it is entertaining when used occasionally (which I why I loved Back in Black, excepting of course the fact that it lead to OMD), but as I realized that Daredevil was mostly those kind of stories, I began to wonder if it was really someone I would stick with for the long haul. That said, the same may hold true for Iron Man, I may read him for a while, and realize similar things about his character. (Not necessarily dark stuff, just stuff that I end up not liking.) Though wanting to pick up Iron Man allowed me to do something I hadn’t even realized until that point that I wanted to do: drop Daredevil. That said, as I mentioned, I will still read the digital versions of DD and likely review them at WCBR, so check there when new issues come out (or just check there all the time! 😉 )

I am sorry though if I have dissappointed you, I just really felt it was time to move on from Daredevil. Thank you though for your interest, I get about 25-50 readers daily, and so few of them leave any comments, I’m always left to wonder who are random Google readers and who (if any) are regular readers. It appears that both of you are regular readers, and I thank you for that (and thanks to dylan555 too, I know you’re out there!) I know I’ve said this a bajillion times, but it still amazes and humbles me that people actually enjoy reading what I have to say, and hopefully you’ll stick around! So, now that it is late at night, and since I’m both tired and sick (durn colds!) at the moment, I’ll stop with the sentimental babbling and simply say, thanks faithful readers, both silent and vocal! (Though I wish the silent ones would at least make their prescence known! 😉 )


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