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Review of Thor 8 (4.5 stars) May 12, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Sorry for this much delayed review (I was much delayed in getting this issue), but in terms of this issue, the wait was definitely worth it. Straczynski has proved once again that Thor might just be Marvel’s best ongoing. The story starts exactly where it left off with Odin telling his history to Thor. Here we learn Loki’s true origin: he was the son of a slain frost giant who Odin raised as his own in order to stop being haunted by Bor. Being new to Thor, I’m not sure if this was already known, I knew that Loki was only Thor’s half-brother, and that he was part frost giant, I’d just always assumed that Odin had had a “fling” with a frost giantess, but apparently not. As always, I’m not sure how much of this is pulled from Norse mythology and how much is modern, but Straczynski is able to craft a perfect merger of the two.

Next we see Donald in New York who has found Jane Foster. She had divorced when she heard rumors that Don was again among the living, and is insulted when Don’s first questions for her are about Sif. Later, they are able to reconcile, and we see that Jane is not the host of Sif’s spirit, and Don promises to return for Jane one day. We then learn the Sif has bonded with a frail dying woman on Jane’s floor, who is being kept hidden by Loki. (Argh! A knife in my hopeless romantic heart! I can’t wait until Thor finds out and beats the crap out of Loki. I also wonder whether this is part of Loki’s master plan with Dr. Doom, or a simple act of hatred toward Thor.)

The story cuts back to the netherworld where Odin informs Thor that the only thing keeping Surtur from returning to life is the eternal battle that Odin wages to keep him in the netherworld, therefore Odin, appreciative of Thor’s offer to return him to the world of the living, decides to remain fighting for eternity in order to protect the kingdom that Thor has rebuilt. On this day, Odin and Thor fight side by side to hold back Surtur and Thor finally comes to peace with the sacrifice of his father. Thor awakens from the Odinsleep, thus recalling Donald, and promises the Asgardians to work toward a better future. All in all, Straczynski and Djurdjevic have put together what I would call a masterpiece. This two part arc has been able to maintain an epic Norse flavor despite taking place in modern times. Of course, it helps the Djurdjevic is perfect in conveying all the flashback scenes, this man needs to illustrate some more epics. So I will definitely miss him come next issue, but I am also looking forward to Coipel’s return.




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