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My Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Eleven: Cabin Fever May 9, 2008

Posted by lotrking in L O S T.

Whoa, with so many hints and Easter Eggs in one episode, this show seems to get more complex by the minute. Learning that both the Island’s people and Widmore’s people have had an interest in Locke since a very early age just confirms what I’ve been saying all along: Locke is easily the coolest and most interesting character in this show. Moving along in random order, the ending scene seems to quell the rumor that Christian Shepherd is Jacob, but he apparently has very close ties. Likewise, Claire’s prescence in the cabin took me aback. I realize that she was last scene being lead away by Christian, and I’ve always liked her character, but I never thought that she was part of the “grand scheme of things” on the Island. I’m beginning to wonder if every survivor of 815, including the minor ones that are only in the background, is there for a very specific purpose, or was in some way or other “chosen.”

Back on the freighter, things take a turn for the scary as Keemi stages a mutiny and plans to “torch” the Island. We also learn that the freighter people received news of the doctor’s death from the Island before it happened, confirming again that the Island is definitely surrounded by some sort of temporal distortion. Whether this is more proof of my Temporal Nexus Theory or not remains to be seen.

Finally, we have the closing line of “we need to move the Island.” What sort of movement does this suggest? The first answer would probably be a physical displacement, implying the Island can somehow move, and with all the other crazy things in the show, it is certainly possible. However, I’m wondering if the movement will be temporal, perhaps the Island is some sort of giant time machine which can move itself back and forth through time? (It would certainly explain why Richard Alpert has appeared at several points in time never looking any older.) Anyway, I’m certainly looking forward to the season finale, as next week begins the first part, and I’m sure the ending will be even bigger than last year.




1. Caitlin - May 10, 2008

I just had a whole effing essay written for you, and then my computer froze. I was so proud of it and it was really long. I am SO ANGRY!!!

Ahem. Anyway, I’ll probably see you tonight and try to talk to you then.

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