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Review of X-Men: Free Comic Book Day 2008 (2.5 stars) May 5, 2008

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Overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

This was my first “Free Comic Book Day” comic, and overall it wasn’t too bad, though it could have been better. One complaint that I want to start out with though is the fact that this was an X-Men comic. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against the X-Men, but you would think that the day after a huge Marvel movie premiered, Marvel would try to rope in more customers by offering a free Iron Man comic, instead of a comic about an X-Man that non-comic readers have probably never heard of. I realize that Invincible Iron Man 1, premiering on Wednesday, is their try to draw in more customers. But say that they offered a free Iron Man one shot the day after the premier, and then included an ad for IIM 1, wouldn’t you think that it would be better marketing? Even deciding to do an X-Men comic, of all the famous characters to choose from, why the relatively unknown Pixie? I guess what I’m trying to say is I would have expected a FCBD comic to be something that non-comic readers would be really interested in, in attempts to draw them into the world of comics. (That’s okay, DC didn’t do a good job on that front either, I’ll touch on that on Wednesday.)

All complaints aside, this issue itself was fairly well put together. As mentioned earlier, the story focuses mainly on Pixie who has moved back to Wales after the dissolution of the X-Men. She is having troubles adapting back to “normal” school and we learn that several people from her hometown have gone missing. Because of this, she attempts to reach the X-Men in New York, but there is no answer. Shortly after this, she saves two children on a playground from monsters (called the N’Gari) that only she can see. The monsters escape, and she chases them through town before tracking them down and killing them with her soul dagger. Later, she surveys the city and sees that the monsters are everywhere before being attacked by them. The X-Men, who received her message, show up in the nick of time to help her take them on.

Apparently, the X-Men have faced the N’Gari before, because they recognize them and Pixie tells the rest of the X-Men that they are trying to free their lord and are sustaining him by feeding him people from the city. (Which oddly enough, Pixie doesn’t seem to distraught about, her only remark is that it is “gross.”) The X-Men enter the abandoned mines where the N’Gari have been hiding, and engage the colony before Pixie is able to trick the N’Gari lord into collapsing the already weakened supports and teleporting the X-Men out before the cave in occurs. Once out of harm’s way, Cyclops informs Pixie that Xavier’s school has reopened and that she is invited to return, and she accepts.

A few more complaints, I realize that Pixie’s character is young, bubbly, and very “teen-girl-ish,” but there were a few moments (especially on the last page) where this was just plain annoying, it could have been written better and/or toned down. Also, as I mentioned earlier, unless I misunderstood, the missing people from the town were being eaten by a demon lord. It feels like there should have been a much more emotional reaction to this. Complaints aside, the art was spectacular and the scenes of Pixie kicking butt were awesome and the story wasn’t continuity heavy and therefore exists well as a stand-alone issue. So, while this may not have been the issue for new comics readers to pick up, at least it wasn’t the worst.




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