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Review of Avengers: The Initiative 12 (4.5 stars) May 3, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This issue brings a fulfilling end to the first act of Avengers: The Initiative and ties up most of the loose ends. The story opens with the cadets preparing for Trauma’s funeral and the staff preparing for the court hearing to explain the recent tragedies. Gyrich does most of the talking during the hearing, and deflects or denies most of Iron Man’s accusations. Meanwhile, some of the Initiative members present Dragon Lord’s ashes to his family, while Ant-Man and Taskmaster make some funny, albeit insensitive, remarks on the side.

Back at Trauma’s funeral, we learn that Thor Girl has healed from her wounds before we get the major surprise of the issue as Trauma “wakes up.” This isn’t just a case of mistaken death either, as Komodo points out, as he has even been through autopsy and embalming. While some miraculous “rebirths” can be annoying, this one was pleasing in two ways. One, I just really liked the character, so I’m glad we’ll get to see more development. Two, this presents yet another mystery that will (hopefully) be solved in the coming issues.

Later, as Nightwing presents Purple Hearts to those severely injured during the KIA incident, we meet a new doctor with transparent skin. As far as I know, this is a new character, and I am certainly interested in learning his story. (I suppose he could always be a mutant, but after M-Day this is unlikely.) Returning to the hearing, we learn that Ultragirl has abandoned the New Warriors to return to the Initiative, and that the New Warriors will remain as a team to keep tabs on the Initiative, though they will do this legally, as they are all licensed.

Finally, everyone’s fate is revealed as Gyrich is forced to retire from the Initiative, and the cadets all graduate from the Initiative, except for Trauma who decides to remain and figure out exactly what has happened with his “resurrection.” We learn see that Cloud 9 gets stationed in Montana, and the final shot is that of her doing her “job” and saving civilians, along with the rest of Montana’s Initiative team, from a burning building. All in all, this issue was a great conclusion and if the series were cancelled right now, while I’d be saddened, I’d at least be happy with the degree of closure. That said, this series will continue, and I’m looking forward to what the new batch of recruits will bring and learning the secrets of Trauma, Mutant Zero, and the new doctor. Really, the only thing I will miss is Cloud 9, as she was my favorite character, but I’m sure she, along with Hardball, Komodo, Ultragirl, and the other graduating recruits will appear again.

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