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My Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Ten: Something Nice Back Home May 2, 2008

Posted by lotrking in L O S T.

So Claire has disappeared again, talk about season one déjà vu. Of course, this time, it was her and Jack’s father who lead her off and who, according to some popular internet rumors, might also be Jacob. The (seemingly) obvious thing about her disappearance is that it was forced because she would (seemingly) never leave Aaron. Then again, we have the whole conundrum of why Kate ends up with Aaron off-Island, and Claire is not off-Island. An obvious answer would be that Claire is dead (which would just be way too sad for me to accept), and the other answer is, well, not obvious. If Claire is still on the Island without Aaron in the “present,” as with everything on this show, there has to be a reason, especially when an obvious reason is not apparent.

Jumping backward through the episode, Jack’s appendicitis didn’t arouse suspicion in me until Rose pointed out the obvious: people don’t get sick on the Island. Therefore, Jack’s appendicitis can mean one of two things: either he was poisoned by someone, or he is being “punished” by Jacob like Ben was (at least, that is my explanation for Ben’s tumor). If Jacob is indeed somehow Jack’s father, this might provide some insight in why he is being punished (though not much), and if not, I am now really curious why Jacob would punish him. Perhaps for saving Ben, who he was punishing in the first place?

Lastly, we have the “present” plotline, and we learn that after the trial, Jack changes his mind about Aaron and moves in with Kate. As is apparent by the end of the show, this is not going to work out, and for some reason as stated by Charlie, it is not meant to. This, like all of the “present” plotlines just makes me sad. The Oceanic Six’s lives after the Island suck just as much as before the Island. Couldn’t they all see that Locke was the “awesomest” character, and know to trust him when he said they shouldn’t leave? 😉

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