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Review of Mighty Avengers 12 (4.5 stars) April 29, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

While this issue may not have any huge Skrull reveals, it still is a hugely enjoyable read. People who read my blog regularly know that I am somewhat of a noob when it comes to comics, so while I know who Nick Fury is, and a bit of his history, I’m not too familiar with his character. If this issue was any indication of a “normal” story involving his character is, then I definitely want to see more.

The story starts out at the end of Secret War (which I haven’t read, but I ‘spose I should) before progressing to a month later where he is meeting a lover at a hotel. He quickly finds out (after using an awesome personal cloaking device) that she is actually a Skrull. He, like the Secret Avengers after discovering Skrullectra, goes into full panic mode (in a very calm Nick Fury fashion 😉 ), and later breaks into Maria Hill’s helicarrier to give her some security advice. While he does not reveal the Skrull Invasion, he lets her know that something big is going on, and pretty much gives her pointers on how to stay alive, before escaping the helicarrier in a stunt that would have fit perfectly in a summer action movie (hint: it involves the aforementioned awesome cloaking device).

He lastly meets with Spider-Woman, telling her of the impending Skrull Invasion, before disappearing underground to figure this out for himself. This poses one small problem, Spider-Woman knew about the invasion BEFORE Skrullectra. That’s two issues of Mighty in a row to bring up doubts about Spider-Woman, I smell a Skrull…..

The last page shows Fury facing a wall full of photographs and a few of the pictures have circles around them, some red, some blue. I’m going to guess that the red circles are definitely Skrulls, and the blue circles are definitely not, while everyone else is still in the air. If I’m right, this means that Dr. Strange, Wolverine, and the Sentry are all Skrulls. (Well, and Hulkling, but we already knew that.) As always, time will tell…..

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