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My Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Nine: The Shape of Things to Come April 25, 2008

Posted by lotrking in L O S T.

That was without a doubt the best LOST episode to date. Just a few quick comments for today: one, I was utterly shocked at the death of Alex. I knew as soon as Ben started speaking that it was a ruse and that he was expected the soldier to release her when he revealed his “lack of feelings” for her. For the first time ever, Ben’s plan failed, and as creepy as he may be, I feel sorry for the guy. Two, the smoke monster attack was probably the single coolest part of any LOST episode, as soon as I saw it coming through the trees, I couldn’t stop grinning. On another note, I loved Bernard’s “pwnage” of Daniel with the Morse Code. The only real problem I had with this episode was when Sawyer decided to leave and take Claire (I was uber shocked when I thought she had died! Sorry, I digress.) and Aaron with him. It seemed a little forced. I realize that Sawyer was getting fed up the shroud of mystery surrounding Ben and Locke, but his sudden statement of “I’m leaving” seemed to come out of no where. You’d think the fact that Miles’ people had just tried to kill them would be a reason to trust Locke, since he and Ben were trying to avoid them in the first place. Likewise, why would Claire give up on “Charlie’s final message” so easily? Oh well, can’t have everything be perfect. Lastly, the concluding scene was the icing on the cake. Ben and Charles are going to have their little game of chess, and we are going to see who wins. Much as I’d hate to see Penelope die, I can’t help but think that Charles finding the Island would be the worst case scenario. He may be creepy and ruthless, but for some reason I trust Ben, almost as much as I trust Locke. This is without a doubt the best show on television, if not the best show ever. (Yes, even better than Firefly *gasp!* Star Trek. *double gasp!* *Can feel himself being excommunicated from the brotherhood of nerddom.*)

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