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Review of Captain America 37 (4 stars) April 24, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This was another one of Brubaker’s “puzzle piece” issues, setting up the story and providing clues for the issues to come, but for once, we also got to see a large chunk of the Red Skull’s plan. It was like one of those satisfying episodes of LOST where you finally get some answers. The issue begins with a flashback to WWII and we see Red Skull take his vow to one day cause the collapse of the U.S.A., the story then jumps to the present where he is fulfilling his vow. Here we see, once again through a news report (have to say again, I love how Brubaker uses these to help tell the story as it also shows how what is happening in the story is affecting the mass public, and not just the superhuman community), a major part of Skull’s plan: the corrupt Senator Wright has announced his candidacy for president. So it appears that Skull will attack America from three fronts: the economic side through Kronas corporation, the political side through Sen. Wright, and from the morale side by bringing back the “real” Captain America only to have him commit terrorist acts.

From here we jump to Sam confronting Tony about the new Captain America, an inevitable conversation that was well written. Sam is, of course, angry from being left out of the loop, but tells Tony that he will keep and eye out for James. The scene then cuts again to James training with the shield, only to have Clint Barton enter and confront him about his new role. Like Sam, Clint is doubtful in whether James can carry Cap’s mantle, but James assures him that he is doing everything possible to live up to the title. I really enjoyed this scene, as it was yet another reinforcement that James will make a great Cap. Clint here could easily represent all the fans who are angered with the choice of James, and this scene could be another reassurance to them. Later, James has a strange dream, before awakening to find Sam in his apartment. James, expecting another confrontation, is surprised when Sam offers a partnership to go and rescue Sharon.

Lastly, we see Sharon attempting to free “Steve” before awakening him and realizing he is not Steve. Personally, I can’t tell what made her realize this, because apart from a somewhat mutilated looking left shoulder, he’s the spitting image of old Cap. Her realization further confuses me about who/what he really is. But then, confusion is half the fun of the mystery. While I may not know what this new Steve is, I do have a guess as to what will happen with him. Red Skull will use him to confront and attempt to take down James, and as a terrorist in order to further smudge the name of Captain America. Eventually James, likely with the help of others, will turn him good, only to later have him sacrifice himself to save someone else (likely Sharon, maybe James). Just my theory anyway. Summing up, Brubaker is still a genius, and I eagerly await the next issue!

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1. dylan555 - April 24, 2008

I agree, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Who is that guy who “was” Steve Rogers?

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