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Reivew of Uncanny X-Men 497 (3.5 stars) April 23, 2008

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Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

While this issue was certainly better than last issue, there is something about it, which I can’t quite put my finger on, that is keeping me from fully enjoying it. Perhaps the “hippy-ness” of it is just annoying? I don’t know, but it still isn’t too bad, and enjoyable for the most part. The story starts with Logan, Kurt, and Piotr on the train, being abducted by what I’m assuming are the Russian equivalent of Sentinels. The three put up a good fight (good in three ways – the actual fighting skills, the way it was written, and perhaps the most important, the way it was drawn; as always, Choi’s artwork excels in this issue), but are eventually rendered unconscious and taken captive.

The story then cuts to San Fran where Scott and Emma are still trying to deduce the cause of the “hippification.” We finally see the “Goddess,” who I don’t recognize, but I’m sure we’ll learn who she is before the end, as she and Eli talk to each other obscurely (which I’m hoping was intentional, cause if not, that scene was just confusing; I’m also hoping what they talked about will be explained before the end). Here, she also detects Emma’s presence, and sends the cops over to arrest her and Scott, and they, of course, escape using their powers, but not before the “Goddess” realizes that they are X-Men and comes up with a plan to stop them from stopping her. (However, if Scott and Emma can stop her, than they stopped her from stopping them from stopping her, but if she counters with yet another plan than she stopped them from stopping ….. okay, I’ll shut up now. 😉 )

The issue ends with the Russian official from last issue threatening to kill Logan and Kurt if Piotr does not tell him the secret of M Day. Well, looks like Russia may soon learn the story of the House of M. Think Russia would go on a full scale search for Wanda? And what would they do if they find her? Kill her, or attempt to use her as a weapon? Imagine if they could change reality so that they won the Cold War. This certainly does not look well for the three in Russia, so that’s what really has me looking forward to next issue. As for the hippies: dude! I don’t care, man. Let’s just be mellow about the whole thing. 😐

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