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Concerning Amazing Spider-Man….. April 21, 2008

Posted by lotrking in Comic Book Stuff.
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So I have a confession to make. I, like many others, have fallen into the trap that is Brand New Day. Yes, despite my best efforts to stay away and maintain righteous anger, Amazing Spider-Man has drawn me back in, but probably not in the way you think. It was early March when I had a bit of an epiphany: five years (or so) from now, ASM will either be in one of two places: either OMD will have been reversed, or it won’t, and if it is reversed, I will have started to read it again, and if it isn’t reversed, by that time I will likely have gotten curious enough to take a look into the new world that Spidey had established. Being the “completist” that I am, and since I own the Amazing Spider-Man Complete Collection DVD-ROM, either road would require to go back and buy all the issues that I missed while I had dropped the book. So in essence, I knew I was eventually going to buy the books that were coming out now, and decided to save myself the trouble of having to find the issues in back issue bins and on eBay by simply catching up on the few that I had already missed, and continuing on from there.

So there, I said it: despite my rantings and ravings from previous months, I eventually (and in a very short amount of time) returned back to ASM. So, what do I actually think of the issues that I so reluctantly am buying? Well, they haven’t been that bad. Some were more interesting than others; the “Freak” storyline was certainly the most interesting. At the same time, they haven’t been as insanely spectacular as Marvel has said they’d be, but I can see now why Marvel thought elements like Peter’s secret identity, webshooters, and the return of Harry would help the story, because this “Brand New World” certainly is interesting. However, the one thing I have yet to see as necessary is the erasure of the marriage. In fact, the stories occurring now would be almost the exact same if Pete and MJ were separated (as they were a few years back), as if the were never married. I guess what I’m trying to say is, that while a somewhat massive reboot may have been necessary, said reboot did not have to get rid of the marriage. Indeed, the marriage remains my favorite part of past Spidey stories, and you can bet that my future letters to Marvel will include a request for a return of the marriage. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind if they “re-married” and acted like it was the first time. Anyway, I’m rambling on, so I’ll just get to (and/or reiterate) the main points of this post: I have restarted on Amazing Spider-Man, and reviews will return with the next new issue, though I’m still angry about the loss of the marriage, and I continue to address it in future letters to Marvel, one of which I plan to write next week (no promises though!) and will post up here.

That’s enough rambling from me today.




1. dylan555 - April 21, 2008

Actually you’ve pointed out the flaw, a reboot would have been nice but why not come up with NEW interesting writing? How many times can you bring someone back from the dead? The JJJ plot is interesting, but that’s new and didn’t require BND to do it. He went after the Kingpin, why not creat an entire new underworld in the vacuum? I’m still reading it but its lazy.

2. Mory Buckman - April 23, 2008

The reboot was totally unnecessary. These stories are entertaining only because these writers are doing good work, just as Straczynski, David and Aguirre-Sacasa were doing good work before them. Nothing in the past twelve issues has suggested that they’re telling better stories than they would have had Aunt May never gotten shot. My mind boggles to imagine what a Slott-written Amazing Spider-Man might have been like with the benefit of clear continuity. (He thrives on that stuff, as you’ve seen in Avengers: The Initiative.) Also, they’re not telling better stories than their predecessors. Straczynski was boldly moving forward, Peter David was consistently entertaining in its weirdness, and even in Sensational (the weakest of the bunch) there was occasional brilliance in character-driven pieces like “My Science Teacher Is Spider-Man!”. This new ASM does not match Straczynski’s plotting, David’s weirdness or Aguirre-Sacasa’s characterization!

Sorry for the rant. You know how it is being a geek.

3. lotrking - April 28, 2008

I agree with both of you, for the most part. I think the short way to sum up my feelings on BND are: it is quite entertaining, but I miss the way things were, especially the marriage, and I don’t know if I will ever stop missing them (unless, of course, continuity is restored.)


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