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Review of New Avengers 39 (3.5 stars)


Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’ve got mixed feelings about this issue, it started out quite well, but there were a few things at the end that bothered me. I suppose I’ll touch on those when I get there. The issue starts with Maya uncovering her eyes to look in the mirror, and seeing Logan getting food from the fridge (what else is new?) They have a brief conversation about their past and the Skrulls before Maya decides she wants to “go out.” Whilst “out” she runs into Daredevil, who she quickly realizes is just an impostor. “Daredevil” reveals himself to be a Skrull who was tracking Echo in order to replace her. They fight each other and it is revealed that the Skrull is one of the new “Super-Skrulls” this one equipped with Cyclops’ eye blast, Nightcrawler’s teleporting, and Human Torch’s fire manipulation and flight. Wolverine (who was following Maya) soon enters the fray, and we get a really fun brawl between the three of them. This scene (and the whole issue) was very well drawn by Mack, in fact, I think he is the first New Avengers artist that actually made Maya look like the half Hispanic, half American Indian that she is! (Kudos to him!) At least someone studies facial features (unlike someone else, whose female faces all look the same! *cough*Yu*cough*) Also have to note a blooper on the colorist’s part here: in the scene where the Skrull teleports behind Maya and grabs the back of her neck, the colorist colored her legs in a skin tone, instead of black, giving the appearance that Maya lost her pants! (I thought that didn’t happen until the end of this issue! *erh herm*) Eventually the Skrull is able to get away, but we are left with the impression that he/she/it won’t be messing with Maya anytime soon.

This is where we move on to the conversation between Clint and Maya. It starts out quite interesting, with the two of them talking about what defines an Avenger. This is likely to combat the arguments floating around the net that the current “New Avengers” don’t really deserve the title of “Avengers” because their team doesn’t come close to resembling any of their old teams. That is not why I don’t think they deserve the name “Avenger” as the roster never bothered me, it is more the fact that one, these so called “New Avengers” are an illegal group, and while the Avengers may have broken a law here or there, they have never openly defied a law simply for the sake of defying it (you guys lost, admit that you fought the good fight, and register already!) And two, these guys have mostly been fighting organized crime (fighting the Hand in Japan and the Hood in NYC), and the Avengers are not a crime fighting team, they are a world saving team. If this team does insist on calling themselves “Avengers,” why the “New Avengers?” Why not the “Secret Avengers,” or something similar? Anyway, I digress, the conversation quickly turns to something else, they kiss, and next they are in bed. Can’t we get a little believability here? That was waaaaay to fast. “I want to kiss you.” “I want to kiss you too.” And then bed. Cut right to the chase didn’t you? The other big problem that I had with this scene was on the last page, top panel. While Maya is in the shadows, you can still see a rather detailed (and even slightly colored) silhouette, and this stuff is still rated A? Fantastic Four gets bumped to T+ for having a line like “a night o’ wild passionate lovin’”, but nudity maintains an A rating? What the crap? Don’t get me wrong, I’d still buy this if it got bumped to T+, and I’m not a parent, but if I was, I’d be mad that Marvel is still deeming this appropriate for “9 and up.” Marvel should really be rating this stuff based on the age that the content is appropriate for, and not the age that they want to read it. These are the main reasons that this only got 3.5 instead if 4, one for the complete lack of believability, and almost cheesiness of the final scene, and two, for putting content outside of its rating, other than that, it was still a pretty entertaining read.

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