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Review of Superhero Movie (0 stars) March 28, 2008

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Overall rating: 0 out of 5 stars

I’ve never seen Epic Movie, nor any of the Scary Movies, and I have no desire to. But when I saw the trailer for this, I thought two things: one, it looks insanely funny, two, it will probably have several little “Easter egg” jokes that only comic books readers will get. Boy was I wrong. I watched this movie last night (one of the perks of working at a movie theatre) and I was utterly depressed. The movie completely lacked humor. It was pretty much the exact same story as the first Spider-Man movie, but with a different superhero and villain. There were a few jokes that made fun of some superhero movies (only Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Batman Begins), but those were few and far between, and for the most part, not that funny. The central focus of the movie was just a bunch of sex jokes. So the quick summary of the movie would be “Spider-Man, with tasteless sex jokes.” And not only was the making fun of actual superhero movies kept to an absolute minimum, there was absolutely no reference to comics at all, nor any of the “inside jokes” I was expecting. I’d be surprised if the writers of the script were smart enough to know what a comic book was, much less ever read one. So, to anyone like myself who expected a movie that could appreciate and make fun of some of the quirkiness of comics, prepare to be utterly disappointed. You’d be much more entertained (if I do say so myself) reading my own “Batman Meets Marvel,” or even better, the “Marvel/DC” parodies on YouTube (which aren’t mine, of course, and are insanely hilarious). Do NOT waste your money on this movie (I’m glad I didn’t), as it was written with a brain dead audience in mind; people that would laugh and say “Haha! They just made a joke about sex! Ha ha ha!” I can’t imagine that anyone with an IQ of over 42 could possibly enjoy this movie.

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