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Reivew of Mighty Avengers 11 (4.5 stars) March 28, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Yet another great issue for Mighty! The issue starts with another brief “past” scene between Doom and La Fey (anyone else think that Djurdjevic does the best Doom ever?) in which Doom learns to summon a demon army (great, now Doom is even more powerful!); he then time jumps to the present in which he uses said army. I have no idea what these demons are, but they seem to be made of a very viscous liquid, and are impervious to the Avengers attacks; anyway, they completely cover the Avengers (literally), and the Avengers wake up to find themselves held in magical constraints in one of Doom’s secret bunkers. Spider-Woman makes a rather funny reference to a past Avengers adventure (I won’t spoil it), but it did cause me to chuckle. So, after assessing their situation, the Avengers decide (from their rather awkward position) to question Doom. Here Doom showed his evil awesomeness in three ways: he threw some pretty harsh insults toward Carol (dude, when did he learn the art of insults?), he actually kept his entire plan to himself (revealed to us in thought bubble, ‘bout time Bendis finally learned how to use them!) instead of revealing it in a long, arrogant, stereotypical monologue, and we see that he did actually have time to form a master plan, despite the Avengers initial attack came as such a surprise (just shows he’s a quick thinker). All this said, I want Bendis to write Doom more often, he does it perfectly.

After this, things really take off, as Jessica uses some before unseen powers to break the magical bonds (I thought this was a Deus Ex Machina at first, but the ending of this issue suggests otherwise, I’ll touch on that in a sec). The Avengers finally take on Doom himself, while Carol goes to find Tony (this is where we finally connect to the end of last issue), Tony is indeed caught in the huge explosion, but Carol and Bob use their powers in unison to repair Tony’s armor before too much damage is done. Usually the whole “we’ll just use our powers to solve the problem” approach bugs me, but this one seemed to work for two reasons: one, this actually seemed to make sense, not like most times when it is used as a crutch, and two, it required both Bob’s and Carol’s abilities, so it thankfully wasn’t another moment of “we’ll just use Bob’s limitless power to solve everything and not come up with a good solution to our problem.” Finally, Carol leads Tony and Bob to Doom, where Sentry pulls a totally awesome move: he simply grabs Doom by the neck, and rips his face mask and chest armor off. Pwned! As awesome as Doom is, it was great to see his butt kicked like that. (That, and the Sentry just gained some cool points in my book, which, after his really whiny bout last issue, he really needed.)

We end with three rather interesting one page scenes. The first has Tony and Maria Hill discussing the victory and Doom’s arrest, this quickly leads to the note that it was lucky that Jessica was there to use her powers and free everyone. This ends with a suspicious look on Tony’s face before (speak of the devil!) we cut to Jessica and Natasha relaxing in a hot tub. Natasha questions Jessica about these seemingly new powers, and Jessica replies that her powers can adapt to the situation. When Natasha tells Jessica that this isn’t her file, Jessica gives the very Skrullish reply of “I’ll look into that.” This really does seem to hint that Jessica might be a Skrull (at least, that’s the vibe I got from it). If so, when was she replaced? I really don’t think a Skrull agent would have outed the invasion to Tony, so I’m thinking that she must have been replaced very recently, perhaps right after the symbiote attack, and right before the Avengers left for Latveria? The last page ends in the past with La Fey wondering where Doom is. I it seemed that this scene was trying to hint something, but I sure didn’t pick it up. I am sure, however, that we haven’t seen the last of Doom or La Fey, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they both become major players in Secret Invasion.

So overall, this is exactly what an Avengers issue should be. There was great team dynamics, awesome fight scenes, and plenty of drama and mystery. I know Mighty Avengers is heading into Secret Invasion next, and while I’m sure it will be insanely awesome, I also can’t wait to see where else Bendis takes this after SI, because I’m sure it will be great.

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1. aproposofeverything - March 29, 2008

You liked it? I complained about it all over the place.

I don’t think I can ever be happy. ;_;

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