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My Reactions to LOST Season Four, Episode Eight: Meet Kevin Johnson March 21, 2008

Posted by lotrking in L O S T.

Not since “Flashes Before Your Eyes” of season three has there been an episode like this: a question is asked, then answered all in one episode. I must say, it does make for a satisfying episode (all of the mini-mysteries of LOST are what make it fun, but it can sometimes be annoying when done in excess) even if not the most “mess-with-your-mind” as we often get from this show. This wasn’t quite how I would have guessed that Michael got onto the freighter, but it does make perfect sense. In fact, it was quite well done, because now we will not have to see very much of Walt, as everything has been resolved on his part. Nothing against Walt as a character, but if only three months in terms of the show has gone by and Walt has magically aged from 10 to 14, well, it would take some fairly heavy explaining to make up for that. (Ah! The limitations of making a TV show not in real time! 😉 ) As for the “two endings” of this episode, I’m curious how Ben’s plan will work now that the Captain knows about his spy. Did Ben intend for this to happen? (Everything that happens always seems to be a part of his plan!) If not, are the goals of the freighter people really to kill everyone on the Island? As always, time will tell. As for the deaths of Rousseau and Carl, I must say, about 10 seconds before Carl died, I thought “Holy crap! I think Carl’s gonna die!” Don’t know why I thought that, but I did, and then it happened. Weird. As for Rousseau, that was certainly unexpected, though we know almost everything we need to about her, so why not kill her off? (That seems to be the LOST motto: tell ‘em everything they need to know about the character, and then kill them off!) The big question is who the assassin was, was it one of the freighter people, or was it one of Ben’s people? If it was one of Ben’s people, killing off Carl is semi-understandable, but why Rousseau? And finally, a bit off topic, what is this temple that has been mentioned several times now? On the map, it had a Dharma logo on it, so it was likely associated with the Dharma Initiative and not the “hostiles.” I really have no idea what it could be, the true home of Jacob? The lair of the monster? The location of the secrets of the Island? The “big magic box”? Who knows? I’m just calling it right now, that the temple will be insanely important in the future.

Well, LOST is going on hiatus, and so, of course, my reactions must too. The next episode airs on April 24th, so be sure to watch it, then check here on the 25th for more of my comments, theories, and random babblings! (Oh yeah, and please leave comments!)




1. Dube - March 22, 2008

I have a theory about the temple that I touch on briefly in my blog, but I’m going to expand it at some point. As for Danielle, I was really sad about her death! (I’m hoping she “comes back to life” like Patchy.) I still want to know about her crew’s sickness.

Hmm… One question about Walt remains. Does he have powers or not?

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