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Reivew of Captain America 36 (4.5 stars) March 19, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Once again Brubaker has shown his genius. This issue starts out with a great fight between Cap and the Serpent Squad. Not too much to comment on in way of the fight, except to say that it was very well drawn by Guice and also well written. I also liked James’ first use of his knife (in fact, earlier in the issue when I saw it on his belt, I wondered if he would use it anytime soon. I wonder if Guice may have made it obvious in that particular panel to bring attention to it. Whether accidental or purposeful, it was a great job on his part.) Some die hard Cap fans may not have liked the use of his gun in this issue, but I thought it was appropriately used; James didn’t kill anyone, and he used it as a defense after much hand to hand fighting. It seemed to me something that a cop would do in a similar situation.

Black Widow attempts to come and save James, but she comes just as the fight ends (but just in time to save him from falling out a window!) I also have to give kudos to Guice and Perkins for this part; I literally had to count pages to see where one artist stopped and the other took over, the transition was just that smooth (once I figured it out, I could see some minor differences in style, but I would have never guessed the exact page just by eyeing the art).

In the “villain-centric” section of this issue, we learn that Red Skull and Co have indeed found out that Sharon is pregnant with Steve’s child (and it hints that they may also learn something we don’t know) and they discover the existence of the New Cap, and it is very likely that they have figured out who it is. (At least, the Red Skull claims to have figured out who it is.)

Next, James does what Steve would do, and tries to motivate the protesting crowd to abandon their violence and go home (he may not have succeeded, but this scene of James actually trying to do the moral thing may have sealed for me the assurance that James is perfect for Cap’s mantle). The crowd’s reaction to this new Captain America is not what I expected. Instead of shock and disbelief, they are indifferent and are mad at “some random guy” for putting on a Cap costume. I do like the news clip though; it really seemed to make this story seem real world, as that is how it would probably happen.

For some reason I really enjoyed the final scene between Natalia and James, especially the look on James’ face in the last panel. Perkins did a great job as James’ facial expression tells the whole story in one panel, no dialogue or thought bubbles needed. As for the final page reveal? One word: clone. That’s right, I think part of the Skull’s plan to “kill America” includes cloning the original Captain America and turning him evil. Seriously, how much would it cut into the heart of this country to see its most beloved hero committing acts of terrorism? Really the perfect plan if you ask me.

So overall an action packed issue with a great story. The little seeds of the Red Skull’s plan (or rather, Brubaker’s plan) are beginning to blossom, and I can’t wait to see where Brubaker takes this next. I have yet to be bored when reading an issue of Captain America, and all of the subtle hints littered throughout the pages have my mind theorizing and analyzing almost as much as LOST. In fact, maybe they should hire him as a writer….. 😉

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1. vipersofeden - March 19, 2008

I gotta love this cap stuf I mean witer soldier ,Guns, this is off the hook hands down the best issue ever. Ok maybe not but I can’t wait for the next one. Check out my comic reviews at http//vipersofeden.wordpress.com/

2. Kirsty Bosley - March 21, 2008

Maybe Namor gave him up!
To the Red Skull and Faustus?
He’s still in the coffin thing he was sent to sea in?!
It might be the real Steve?!?!

I should stop going on people’s blog and worrying about Cap.
Just read it you see!

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