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Reivew of Fantastic Four 555 (4 stars) March 18, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

While this was a great issue, I gotta start out with a gripe, the cover is extremely misleading. Not only does the cover show a huge mass of people leaving Earth, it also bears the headline: “Exodus from Planet Earth!”, with these two things together, one would logically expect an exodus from Earth. Nope, in fact, I’m beginning to think we may not see one at all. I realize that covers are rarely accurate, but they do at least give some preview of the inside. Take Mighty Avengers 9 for example, the cover shows several of the Avengers unconscious on the ground and Doom holding Spider-Woman by the throat, while we can’t expect this exact scene, we should expect some sort of fight between the Avengers and Doom. So in the FF’s case, maybe we wouldn’t have seen a huge mass of people leaving Earth, but maybe at least a preparation to leave Earth, or something. So while this was a great issue, it wasn’t what I expected. It’s kind of like going to what is advertised as a horror movie, but is in reality a romance movie. It might be a great romance movie, but you expected to be scared not “aww”ed. So that said, perhaps I should say just what made this such a great issue.

It starts out with a flashback to Reed’s and Alyssa’s college days, in which Alyssa has an interesting “theory.” Jump several years later, and Reed is getting a tour of Nu-World, and many of its “new improvements.” Theory time. Notice how Mr. and Mrs. Castle never reference exactly what is causing the world to “die.” An “environment collapse” is mentioned, but not what kind of environment is collapsing. Likewise Alyssa says “We’ve got a clean slate here. A chance to start afresh and build a world with none of the vices that finished us.” Not once do they mention anything that will prevent global warming or any other type of climate change. They do however mention things like an enforced lack of weapons and violence in this “Nu-World,” leading me to think that the Earth Trust isn’t trying to save us from some global natural disaster, but rather from what they think are the problems of humanity. In other words, they sound like a bunch of “peace radicals” who want to shove their “appropriate” way of life down the throat of humanity. There likely will be some kind of “faux-disaster” to get humanity to leave Earth, because it will be in the name of the “greater good.”

Back at the Baxter Building, Reed is home for all of a few minutes before catching a wormhole to the other end of the universe to confirm what the Earth Trust are saying. (Anyone else think he looked insanely cool on the “wormhole motorcycle,” complete with science-y leather jacket?) We then cut to Johnny, late for a rehearsal of his new rock band (and apparently he’s lead singer, since when can Johnny sing?), before he runs into a diamond theft being committed by a green haired chick with super-strength. Well we all know what Johnny is like, and he thought she was pretty hot, so yeah….. Hey! Perfect time to cut to another scene! CAP (the aforementioned robotic enforcer of the zero weapon policy) breaks loose on our world, and wants to start his mission. Unfortunately for us there are plenty of weapons to be found on “Old School World.”

Overall, definitely a great plot. I can’t wait to see where Millar takes this. With any luck, this may finely re-attain the true status (as opposed to simply honorary) of the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine!

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