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Review of Daredevil 105 (4.5 stars) March 12, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Brubaker finally delivered with this issue, while the last few issues were good, they seemed to be more “puzzle piece” issues than revealing major plot point issues. But in this issue all the pieces click into place, and Brubaker gives us a wonderful story. We start out by learning that Darth Fear (hey, it’s likely to be the last time I get to use this nickname, so I’m taking advantage of that) has been making war with the Hood simply to make Daredevil suffer (which we probably could have guessed anyway). The Hood, while angry, still admires Fear’s extreme hatred for Daredevil. Finally Daredevil shows up on the scene, and the much anticipated climactic fight begins. Gotta praise Lark’s art here, the fight scene was very dynamic, and, with the exception of an unintentionally humorous pose of Fear right after he kicks Daredevil, it was well drawn. Kudos to Eliopoulos as well for sound effects that were well placed, and not intrusive. These sound effects did not stand out and scream “look at me, I’m a sound effect!” (as they often do in Mighty Avengers), rather they seemed to not only fit with art, but also went brought the scene to life.

As the fight scene concludes, just as Daredevil thinks he has won, Darth Fear gives us the big reveal of the story: there is no cure for Milla, Matt already lost a long time ago. Dude. I didn’t see that coming, I was just as shocked as Matt. But I’ll touch on my actual feelings of this move, just as soon as I finish going through the story. Fear confesses to what he done, which clears Milla, who has to go to a psychiatric hospital indefinitely, this causes much mourning for Matt, and Fear goes to prison, but he has somehow altered himself to be like Lily and now the girls there love him, and the cops and prisoners give him whatever he wants, so he is essentially king of the prison, and he knows he can break out unimpeded whenever he wants to, and we finally see that the Hood admires Fear’s work, and will leave the Kitchen alone for now, because he doesn’t care about hurting Daredevil. Okay, now that I just wrote the world’s longest sentence, Brubaker’s final twist of the knife into Matt’s back was brilliant and tragic. This is certainly going to affect him for a long time to come, and is very likely the most tragic experience of Matt’s life. But what about the deaths of Karen and Elektra, you ask. As villains often like to note, there are some fates worse than death. Matt has to live with the knowledge that his actions as Daredevil ruined the life of his wife (and as far as I know, the only woman he has ever married, someone please correct me if I’m wrong), and that she will continue to live a horrible mentally unstable existence. As far as Daredevil’s villains go, I think Mr. Fear may now deserve the top spot as arch nemesis. And so yes, while it certainly does suck that the villain may have triumphed for a change, it makes a beautifully written tragedy. Besides, we know this story isn’t done yet, eventually Darth Fear will break out of prison, and this story will continue. Whether this happens next year, or twenty years from now, you can bet I’ll be there to read it. Yet another great job Mr. Brubaker!

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1. Gloria - March 12, 2008

LOTRKing, you’re right: Matt had not married anyone before Milla, even though he lived with the late Karen Page(she who was vilely murdered by Kevin Smith) the unmarried couple’s life at a shared apartment for quite some time.

Actually, I disagree with Matt that he ruined Milla’s life: Cranston did… and I hope that soon Darth Fear (I ❤ the nick) eventually looses all teh teeth in his nasty smug smile.

2. lotrking - March 13, 2008

True, Cranston was the one who did the damage, but he did it to get to Matt. Similar to how Peter blamed himself for Aunt May getting shot, even if he wasn’t the one who shot her. (Even though she has now never been shot. 😐 ) This, to me, is what One More Day could have been, same tragedy, just done in a way that didn’t anger millions of fans, and maintained continuity. As far as I know, this is being far better received (especially at the Marvel Boards), and I know I enjoyed this very much (hence the 4.5 rating instead of 0).

As I said, I can’t wait to see how Matt moves forward, and what Darth Fear has up his sleeve in the months to come…..


3. Gloria - March 13, 2008

Now that you mention “One more Day”: back when DD #93 came out, there was people complaining about the happy ending, plus Brubaker bringing back the Statu Quo: Obviously Bru was setting the scene to tell us that no, Matt’s life can’t never be normal.

Comparing with the “magical” reset of OMD, I think that #93 was a well developed reset, and, as we have seen now, a reset with a backlash.

Yeah, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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