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Reivew of Thor 6 (4.5 stars) March 11, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Straczynski and Coipel do not cease to entertain in this issue of Thor. The story opens at the now familiar Bill’s Diner, but cuts away to different flashback scenes. The first shows the first town meeting with the Asgardians present, and as always the clash between small town Oklahomans and ancient Asgardians is hilarious. The next flashback features a father and his son attempting to repair a flat tire in the middle of the road, only to be greeted and helped by Hogun (and leaves us with the odd mental picture of imagining an Asgardian with a tan). This may sound odd, but all the humorous collisions between Asgardians and Oklahomans make Thor likely to be the funniest comic book I am reading right now. Let me let that sink in: Thor is funny. This of course is not a bad thing, the book is not all humorous, when it is not funny it is epic, and Straczynski’s writing is flawless. Take the next flashback for example, this one involving Bill’s first encounter of an Asgardian. It is beautifully written, but perhaps more importantly, beautifully drawn. Coipel has the Norse/Asgardian look down perfectly. The shape of Kelda’s face, her hairstyle, her arm jewelry, and her attire (and lack thereof in certain areas) couldn’t look more Norse if it had been a statue pulled from Viking artifacts; completely ignoring how Kelda looked as a woman, as a piece of Coipel’s artwork, she was beautiful.

From here, the second half of the story focuses on Thor’s inner struggle to release all of the Asgardians, including those whom he would rather not. Donald reminds of him of how much time is being lost by being careful, and Thor knows his carefulness hasn’t been too effective anyway, so Thor finally decides he is willing to risk it all, especially if it means freeing Sif from her mortal bonds. We then get several more pages of gorgeous artwork from Coipel, first a great composite image of Donald and Thor, then more stunning artwork of Asgard’s interior, then finally several wonderful weather/space pieces as Thor focuses the entirety of his power to summon forth all of the Asgardians at once, knowing full well that it might cause his demise (even though we know it won’t simply because this is an ongoing series, and not a mini). All in all, another great issue of Thor; it is easily one of the best books that Marvel is putting out right now. I can’t wait until next issue to see Djurdjevic’s take on the God of Thunder, and I’m sure it will be simply amazing! (Though I certainly won’t be sad to see Coipel return two months later).

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