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Review of Captain America 35 (4 stars) February 28, 2008

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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The issue starts not where one would expect, given last issue’s ending, with a somewhat peaceful shot of the Falcon flying around a closed down factory. He gathers some information for Tony, who is about to go to a press conference, and that is where the ramifications from last issue cut in. We see some of Brubaker’s much used news scenes (which are a great idea on his part, it lets us know what is going on without unnecessary narrating, it’d be nice if more writers used the news to tell the story), which tell us not only how last issues “massacre” turned out, but also introduces us to a certain crooked senator, who is later revealed to be a pawn in the Red Skull’s master plan.

This then cuts to a mob scene in DC (more compliments to Brubaker for taking us out of New York for a change) where we see a suspicious lady handing out water (must say, I suspected her from the beginning). As the true nature of the “water” is revealed, we move on to yet another piece of the puzzle as we discover that Morovin, the new “leader” of Kronas is just a hologram.

After having all of these puzzle pieces handed to us, another part of the Skull’s plan goes into motion and the action finally starts. Bucky, who thankfully decided to station himself nearby, does his first “alley change” into Captain America (anyone else get chills reading that part?) and we finally get to see him saving some public butt (and kicking terrorist butt of course). Between last issue’s fight scene and this one, I don’t see how anyone can have doubts that Bucky is indeed the perfect choice to take up Steve’s mantle. (Perhaps we should start calling him James now? It sounds much more heroic than “Bucky.”)

Our two last shots are new Cap coming face to face with the Serpent Squad, and Zola preparing to do some mysterious procedure on the pregnant Sharon. So once again we see that Brubaker has a flair for good cliffhangers, and for making his plots like a too enjoyable jigsaw puzzle. Compliments also have to be given to Guice, who certainly isn’t Epting, for maintaining a very similar look in the art, I almost couldn’t tell that there was a change in artists (likely because Epting and Guice had worked together on Cap before). All in all, another great issue for Captain America, here’s looking forward to what Brubaker will give us next…..

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