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Review of Mighty Avengers 9 (4.5 stars) February 27, 2008

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Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Ha ha! Now that was an Avengers issue! Easily the best issue of Mighty yet!

The issue begins with not only some beautiful artwork from Djurdjevic, but also an interesting scene involving Morgan Le Fey (and some interesting “armor notes” from Doom, nice to see both sides of the coin in this issue). How exactly is Le Fey going to play into this arc I wonder? Perhaps more time travel will be involved, and her “present” will be the Avengers? Time will tell….. (No pun intended).

After quick time jump, and Doom enters at exactly the right (or is it wrong?) moment, as the Avengers are about to launch their attack. After killing the messenger in a very Darth Vader way (I half expected to hear Doom say “apology accepted”), Doom launches his defenses, and Ares launches his offense (quite literally). Let the battle begin! In this corner, you have the Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes! In this corner you have 77 Doombots, one of Doom’s most fearsome creations! Who will win? Only three beautifully illustrated splash pages by Bagley will tell! Seriously though, anyone else find the big battle scene, what with the crashing Quinjet and destruction splash pages to be reminiscent of Disassembled? Personally, I thought it was a nice touch, it shows chaos and destruction for the villain for a change.

From here we move on to the Iron Man and Doom battle, one of the great instances where the hero fights his evil mirror image. (Someone remind me again why Doom is the FF’s archenemy, and not Iron Man’s? I mean, look at them, so similar, yet so opposite.) This battle sprawls on with more beautiful artwork from Bagley, until Doom pulls out the one weapon Iron Man can’t fight: magic! Just when all looks lost, Sentry flies in, causes more beautifully drawn explosions, and the Sentry, Iron Man, and Doom all get thrown back in time. Cutting away from that, the other Avengers are concluding their battle, before they discover the glitching time pad and realizing what it means for Tony, Bob, and Doom. We end with a shot in the past (probably the 60s or 70s from the looks of things) with Doom and Tony looking to continue their epic battle.

Overall, an insanely awesome issue! Exactly what an Avengers book should be! (Did I ever mention that it was beautifully illustrated?) Doom was perfect! FF fans owe it to themselves to pick this one up. Likewise, the contrasting ending and beginning leave many questions that need to be answered: how are Tony/Bob/Doom going to get back? When are they? How will Le Fey play into this? How are the rest of the Avengers going to play into this? I’ll definitely be back next issue to find out!

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1. dylan555 - February 27, 2008

It was better than I expected. I’m really looking forward to this Secret Invasion cross over because I think it’s the Averngers storyline that we need.

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